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Get ready for a series of four-hands dinners like no other

For the first time ever, T.Dining by Hong Kong Tatler has invited four of the most innovative chefs in Hong Kong to team up with two legendary Chinese dim sum masters for an event like no other. #DimSumDuets will be a series of culinary experiences that aims to celebrate the quintessential art of dim sum as seen through the lens of six important Hong Kong chefs. 

For our inaugural T.Dining Week, sponsored by V-Zug and Hong Kong Tourism Board, Vicky Lau (Tate Dining Room & Bar), Daniel Calvert (Belon), May Chow (Little Bao) and Max Levy (Okra) were drafted in and paired up with Leung Fai-hung (Hoi King Heen) and Lee Man-sing (Mott 32), masters of the Chinese kitchen, to create a menu of seven creative plates that encapsulate the essence of the city.

Each duo has worked collaboratively, creating a menu that pays homage to the tradition of Cantonese food, while incorporating their respective philosophies to reimagine the future of yum cha. Every dish on the menu has been designed specifically for the evening. 

From November 6 to 13, each pair will be taking over the kitchen at V-ZUG in Causeway Bay to create an evening of thrillingly inventive cuisine, where diners can hear directly from the chefs themselves the stories behind each composition. Read on to find out more about the pairings and the dishes they plan to present each night. 

* Please note that the events will be in a free-standing format


Dates: November 6, 9, 12, 13
Time: 7:00pm—9:30pm
Venue: V-ZUG, 12/F, Russell Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 
Price: $650 per person each night, inclusive of champagne and wines. 

November 6: Belon x Hoi King Heen

Chefs: Daniel Calvert and Leung Fai-hung

The inventive British chef has partnered with InterContinental Grand Stanford's master chef to present intriguing Franco-Cantonese morsels such as "lap cheong" (Chinese sausage) pâté en croute and "dau miu" (pea shoots) lasagne with preserved black truffle sauce. 


November 9: Little Bao x Mott 32

Chefs: May Chow and Lee Man-sing 

Chinese traditions are updated through the hands of these two Cantonese masters, with creations such as pan-fried beetroot cake topped with salted egg yolk crispy prawns and yuzu zest, and surf and turf bao (suckling pig, cuttlefish paste and celtuce salad). 


November 12: Okra x Mott 32

Chefs: Max Levy and Lee Man-sing 

Levy's genre-busting cooking will meet Lee's contemporary Cantonese repertoire, resulting in mouthfuls such as barbecued freshwater eel with longan honey, miso-steamed foie gras and pickled black woodear mushroom puff; and soft quail egg, Iberico pork and black truffle siu mai with cobia bottarga.


November 13: Tate Dining Room & Bar x Hoi King Heen

Chefs: Vicky Lau and Leung Fai-hung

Modern European ingredients and techniques meet those of the classic Cantonese kitchen, resulting in dishes such as taro with Iberico ham bechamel puffs, spare rib risotto and deep-fried egg custard spring rolls with homemade ice cream.


Other events during T.Dining Week 2017:

Nov 11: A Nose-To-Tail Workshop With Fergus Henderson & Richard Turner At Rhoda
Nov 15: Battle Of The Bartenders (coming soon)

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Event sponsored by V-Zug and Hong Kong Tourism Board.

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