Cover MB6 Wagyu Tomahawk

Curate, an award-winning, all-day dining restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur, recently revealed its new and improved recipes with pomp and circumstance

Showmanship has always stood at the heart of Curate. Even so, the Four Seasons Hotel's culinary team had to step out of their comfort zones when launching Curate's latest menu. Complete with dance, song and drama, last week's sneak peek saw veritable surprises.

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Wielding their cooking utensils like musical instruments, the Four Seasons's brigade of chefs cook up a storm and create quite a tune in the promotional video above.

A score of flavours and textures, Curate's new menu allows each chef to take full ownership of his or her creations.

Think fried chicken and waffles by executive chef Junious Dickerson, one of few chefs in Malaysia well-versed in soul food, a mixed tandoori platter by Chef Raman Durairajan, Curate's 'King of Spices,' and a Wagyu Tomahawk (MB6) by Chef Mujtahid Lukman, who used black peppers from his hometown of Sarawak to concoct love a piquant sauce. Capable of converting durian naysayers, dessert is a house-made cheesecake that incorporates one of Malaysia's most popular durian varietals, the Musang King.

Ring +603 2382 8888 or access the Four Seasons mobile app to place your reservations. Tag your meal at Curate using #FSKLFlavourBomb.

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