Crows Craft Brewery just launched the country’s first small-batch craft Gin!

Josemari Cuervo started Crows Craft Brewery, beginning with beer, because of his foodie friends (for those who don't know cuervo means crow in Spanish!) After enjoying countless mouth wateringly delicious meals paired with excellent drinks with his connoisseur friends, Cuervo began to develop a passion for beers and spirits – pushing him to create his own concoctions.



Josemari Cuervo, Jim Araneta, Miguel Vecin and John-D Borra




Josemari Cuervo




With a day job in real estate, Cuervo's passion project is Crwos Craft Brewery. He spends his free time creating Crows Beer...and now gin! Over time, Cuervo wanted to develop something he could infuse with Filipino flavours. After some experimentation and research he realized that the country does not have a craft, high quality locally made gin. Off to work he went and thus Crows Gin was born!

He toiled, played and studied to learn all about distilling his own gin. After a lot of research and development, trial and error, he finally came out with a product that he is proud to call his own. Cuervo infused 23 botanicals making use of both local and foreign ingredients like, juniper, dalandan and cardamom. The gin is packed with flavours and is extremely refreshing!

The first batch he produced only has 20 bottles, with each seal handwritten. These exclusive bottles, which you will definitely not find in stores, can only be ordered by contacting him directly at!

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