From classic treats, to divinely decadent creations, to healthy indulgences, chef-patissier Benjamin Bourgeois transforms the Lobby Lounge into a wonderland for those with a sweet tooth

The Lobby Lounge at Crimson Filinvest City in Alabang was transformed into a cookie-lover's paradise as the hotel officially launched its 100 Cookie Project last Friday, 12 July 2019.

According to resident pastry chef Benjamin Bourgeois, "there is a flavour for everyone" in the incredibly diverse selection of cookies on display and on offer for the event which is being done in partnership with award-winning local chocolatier Auro Chocolates.

Along with classics like chocolate chip cookies and crisp, oaty ANZAC biscuits, Bourgeois has pushed the envelope with regard to flavour and texture with creations like delicately floral rose sables and apricot lavender cookies, caramelised hazelnut cookies, and earthy truffle honey cookies. Likewise, Bourgeois also plays up local ingredients through the use of native produce such as mango, jackfruit, kasubha [native saffron], durian, ube, and coconut. Children also have treats made just for them, as there are smiley-faced cookies and those made with colourful, crunchy-coated chocolate candies.

But what sets this particular cookie festival apart is the fact that there are a number of healthier options on the menu. There are cookies made with cassava flour rather than wheat for those who are gluten-intolerant; chia seed-speckled creations loaded with fibre; and even sweets that are 100 per cent vegan for those who have chosen to go plant-based with regard to their diets.

Cookies are sold at Php 100.00 per100-gram packet with three or four pieces within; certainly a sweet treat that one can happily share with others.

Crimson Filinvest City's 100 Cookie Project runs until Sunday, 21 July 2019.