Catch a glimpse of honest and authentic stories of chefs on CreatorsLab’s new series, The Creators

Fuelled by their passion for food and storytelling, the team at CreatorsLab have been cooking up a storm with their latest series, The Creators. As a platform for creatives in the culinary world to tell their stories, CreatorsLab is a Singapore-based company set up to share these stories with the rest of the world.

CEO and Co-Founder of CreatorsLab Jon Lister explains how CreatorsLab intends to be an outlet for culinary creatives to share their stories in a cinematic way. “Forging a career in the F&B industry in Asia is fraught with challenges, and we have heard so many times that chefs have had to push against their parents and wider society’s views of their profession to achieve success,” he continues. He hopes to use this platform to showcase and celebrate Asia’s most inspired culinary talents.

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Split across two series—The Creators and The Creators Shorts—not only do to they continue to profile some of Asia’s leading culinary artists, but also offer a glimpse into the lives of young underdog chefs trying to make it in the culinary world.

The pilot episode, launched earlier this year, featured Asia’s youngest Michelin star chef and Asia’s 50 Best Chef Han Li Guang of Restaurant Labyrinth. The episode follows Chef Han’s unconventional and challenging road to become the culinary talent he is today, showcasing interviews from his parents, friends and fiancé. 

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The second episode will launch today, September 10, featuring the authentic story of MasterChef judge and celebrity chef Bjorn Shen. From the origins of his name to the creation of his Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant, Artichoke, this episode explores the madness behind Bjorn and his culinary talents.

Achieving success in the culinary industry is hard, especially in Asia. There are so many culinary stories in Asia that are yet to be told, the way they deserve to be—The Creators is a step towards sharing these stories with the rest of the world. This series is indeed a testament to the risks and hardships which chefs in Singapore take to achieve their culinary dreams.

Watch CreatorsLab’s new episode featuring Bjorn Shen on their Youtube or Facebook channel today.

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