Rockwell helps to ensure that the holiday season is filled with festive feasts, and delicious dining experiences.

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It is that time of year again—the holidays!—a season filled with sparkling lights, Christmas songs and get-togethers in celebration of family, love, life and the year that was. Although times have changed, quite significantly too, that is no reason to avoid creating a memorable, fun Christmas for you and your loved ones. 

In our opinion, food plays a pivotal role in some of life’s biggest moments. The smell and taste from a freshly cooked meal can be seared into the memory of an experience adding nuanced layers to your recollection. Meal-time has the power to unite; to bring people of all walks of life together over a shared table and experience. Food ignites conversation and fuels our souls. 

This holiday season we drummed up a list of festive feasts to help you plan how you are going to celebrate this December!


Months of being indoors and away from the restaurant scene, has made the dine-in experience so coveted. To be wined and dined, pampered and served has never sounded so good. Of course there still are hesitations and rightfully so, but fear not because Rockwell’s restaurants have gone the extra mile to ensure that safety and health protocol are strictly adhered to, and have created beautiful open-air dining spaces. 

Studies have shown that eating outside, alfresco, have greatly reduced the chance of virus transmission. Rockwell listened and has gone streetside in Power Plant Mall's Lopez Drive in Makati and at Santolan Town Plaza in San Juan every day! Literally streetside, Rockwell has closed the roads to cars and have allowed dining establishments to set up shop on the pavement, under the stars. They adorned the road with lights and even arranged for live music to entertain diners too!

In Makati, at Power Plant Mall's Lopez Drive reserve a seat at: A Mano, Barcino, Via Mare, Fireside or CDP Global Table, Teppan Okochi and Mamou. While at Santolan Town Plaza, you can grab a bite and enjoy some fresh air amidst this property’s lush greenery while dining at UCC, Barcino, Pancake House or Starbucks.

Other non-streetside (but still outdoor) dining options around the Rockwell community can be found at a variety of locations. Visit your neighbourhood comfort food favourite, and grab some breakfast at Wildflour, located at 8 Rockwell. For lunch, try visiting One Rockwell’s Tajimaya, Nikkei or Coco Ichibanya. Hop on over to Edades for merienda or an afternoon al fresco meeting at Ooma, Single Origin or Dean & Deluca. At Joya Lofts & Towers, you can treat yourself to a romantic dinner at your Spanish go-to with Rambla, or Made Nice for some inventive bites, Woodfire for some bistro flare or Pancake House for some easy comfort food. 


Sometimes, all we want is to curl up at home in pajamas, alone or with family and friends, to watch a good movie and enjoy some delicious take-out. There is nothing wrong with that! In fact, in 2020 restaurants have upped the ante - bringing their A-game to the delivery menu world. Never before has the Philippine dining scene been so primed, prepared, and equipped to have top notch food delivered to our homes. 

For dining solo or holiday gatherings, get ready to order-in and impress your guests.

For The One Who Likes Options

OFF GRID: The Grid by the Tasteless Group has launched a virtual food hall called Off-Grid which features new brands. Try out Kebabu by chef Noel Mauricio and sink your teeth into a rich fried chicken shawarma rice platter that is served with spices and garlic. Papi Pares by chef Patrick Go serves up a sharing platter of a classic beef pares, with garlic butter rice, while Please, Senpai has prepared an array of succulent cuts of chicken breast, thigh and tsukune yakitori sticks that make sharing a meal, easy. All these dishes from Off-Grid are good for at least four people. Click here to make an order!  

For The Entertainer

SICILIAN ROAST: Located at Rockwell’s Arton property, this restaurant has cooked up Italian favourites, ideal for entertaining at home. Indulge in the Siculo platter; this comes with a gorgeous salad with marinated olives, sun-dried tomatoes, mixed vegetables, Sicilian sweet and sour caponata, peppers “Ammuddicati” ricotta cheese and walnuts, plus a charcuterie and cheese board too! If you are a fan of tartufo aka truffles then you must order the tartufo prosciutto Neapolitan pizza which is served with truffle cream, mushrooms, scamorza cheese, and mozzarella covered with thinly sliced prosciutto. But, if the family is craving for meat - then Sicilian Roast’s 2kg oven roasted tomahawk ribeye is the dish for you.

8 TREASURES: Known for quality HK roasts, 8 Treasures (located in Power Plant Mall and Santonlan Town Plaza) ensures that you can have a proper Chinese meal from the comforts of your home. Order the 5 Treasures option to experience premium roasts that can serve four to six people: HK white chicken, charsiu pork, soy chicken, roast duck and lechon Macau. If you would like to try their classic 8 Treasures platter, it features a tad bit more like: charsiu pork, lechon Macau, roast duck, HK white chicken, soy chicken, HK red sausage, jellyfish and century egg. However, if dim sum is what you are craving then you must try their deluxe dim sum platter with soimai, hakaw, spareribs, chicken feet, and HK red sausage! 

For The Family

SUNRISE BUCKETS: Sunrise Buckets (located in The Grove Retail Row) has family friendly bundles that will make meal-time exciting for kids and parents alike. Their Sunrise Pairing Platter features their signature burger, spaghetti, fries and original wings. While the Sunrise Family Platter holds a variety of juicy frankfurters, hickory wings and nachos too! Lastly, the Sunrise Power Platter serves up crazy hot wings, a hickory burger, cheesy bacon fries, fish n’ chips and chili con carne. 

For The Vegan

MILK BARN: As of late, Filipinos have been trying to be healthier by eating more greens while others have been cutting back on red meats or even trying to go plant based. Milk Barn at Santolan Town Plaza makes things a lot easier. This season, you can still feast on Milk Barn’s vegan ube, buko pandan or black rice ice creams, made with local ingredients from Filipino farmers. 


Sometimes, food says it all. Gifting your friends and family with a delicious treat can surely brighten their day or even week. They’ll be thinking of you and thanking you after each and every delectable mouthful!

At these four Rockwell dining outlets, you can find gifts that will help relieve some of that holiday shopping stress. These Booze & Bites gifts can be purchased from Rockwell's e-commerce site too!

From Draft, choose a unique Rockwell exclusive: ready-to-heat Beef Rendang and Roast Beef Belly plus one bottle of Johnnie Walker Black label! At Grace Park you can treat friends to a selection of fine festive dips like artichoke or sun-dried tomato, all served with crunchy bread and quality Camas Merlot wine which will surely enhance your get-togethers. With Wildflour, give the gift of comfort food with a beautiful tray of adobo fried rice, matched with a Colombelle wine. At Chili's cocktail hour is made more fun by their MarGOritas & Tostada Chips with Queso special. Take a sip of their presidente margarita or tequila red sangria and sit back while digging into some crispy tostada chips with salsa and chili queso. 

For whatever festive feast you are looking for, the Rockwell community has something you'll love.