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Staying home for your reunion dinner? Make sure you still have a lavish feast with these delicious à la carte dishes and set menus

We might be in phase 3 now but with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic all over the globe, not to mention the new cluster in Singapore, you might be wary of celebrating your reunion dinners in public spaces that are packed with large groups of people. So if you want to play it safe, why not just prepare a lavish feast at home with CNY set menus for delivery and takeaway.

Fancy a Japanese-inspired meal in the comfort of your own abode? Two-Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant Shoukouwa has three hotpot bundles that make for a hearty dinner. Or if you want to go the classic route, opt for the tried-and-tested CNY dishes from your favourite Chinese restaurants. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to welcome a brand new Year of the Ox in the company of your loved ones. Happy Chinese New Year!

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1. Mott 32 Singapore

It’s hard to get seats at this popular restaurant, especially during the CNY period. Thankfully, the culinary team has prepared two eight-course menus which are also available for takeaway. Revel in their tasty contemporary dishes, among which are the scrumptious BBQ platter; traditional wok-fried glutinous rice, Japanese dried shrimp, crispy taro; preserved sausage; and smoked salmon yusheng and pan-fried nian gao.

Please call 6688 9922 or click here for orders and enquiries.

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2. Shoukouwa

Leave it to the Japanese chefs to prepare a lavish hotpot reunion dinner that you can enjoy at home. Choose from three mouth-watering sets made with pristine ingredients carefully sourced from Japan by the team—adventurous palates may opt for the Fugu Hotpot, starring the exotic pufferfish from Yamaguchi as well as creamy shirako, while seafood lovers will delight in the Kegani Hotpot comprising kegani from Hokkaido, clams and scallops. Made for meat lovers is the Beef Shabu Shabu Hotpot, showcasing exquisite Grade A4 Omi Wagyu from Shiga. All bundles come with the usual accompaniments of kuzukiri noodles, mushrooms, chrysanthemum leaf, tofu, leek, seaweed, complete with dashi, condiments, and rice or udon. Orders must be made one week in advance (before February 4).

Please call 6423 9939 or email for orders and enquiries.

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3. Tien Court Restaurant

The Golden Fortune Set menu makes for a simple but delicious reunion dinner at home with CNY staples that naturally commence with the prosperity salad topped with smoked salmon. It’s a healthy start to the parade of hearty dishes such as the braised whole chicken with wild mushrooms and steamed glutinous rice studded with Chinese waxed meat. Dessert, of course, is the perennial pan-fried golden nian gao. Orders must be made three days in advance.

Please call 6733 or email for orders and enquiries.

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4. New Ubin Seafood

Staying home for your reunion dinner means you can dine well, thanks to these CNY staples available for delivery from this popular zi char restaurant. Toss to good fortune with the Golden Fortune Yusheng stacked with fresh salmon, crispy fish skin and carabinero prawns, and drizzled with a homemade plum sauce. But the real feast begins when you’re served the New Ubin Seafood Imperial Pen Cai—a treasure trove of premium ingredients such as abalone, sea cucumber, ‘live’ tiger prawns, fried fish maw, Hokkaido scallops, conpoy, house-roasted pork, chicken thigh, shiitake mushrooms, black moss, yam, broccoli and Chinese cabbage. Orders must be made three days in advance.

Please call 9740 or email for orders and enquiries.

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5. Summer Palace

Those who want to enjoy executive Chinese chef Liu Ching Hai’s CNY offerings at home may do so with the five-course takeaway sets, presented in tiffin carriers that you can easily unstack and serve on the table. The spread includes mouth-watering bites such as smoked chicken imbued with the flavours of jasmine tea; stir-fried glutinous rice studded with dried shrimp and meat; and steamed cod fish accented with red dates.

Please call 65 6725 3239 or email for orders and enquiries.

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6. Azur

Executive Chef Alvin Leong and his team don’t offer set menus, but you can order the dishes à la carte and customise your reunion dinner. Start with the Crowne Prosperity Yusheng and follow it up with the Bountiful Treasures Pen Cai, decked in baby abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, dried scallops (conpoy), dried oysters, prawns and braised pork belly. Not enough for the family? How about tossing in the umami-packed herbal sakura chicken stuffed with dang gui, wolfberries and chestnuts; truffle roast duck roasted to golden brown perfection; and black Iberico pork ribs glazed in a secret black pepper sauce. Orders must be made three days in advance.

Please call 6823 5367 or email for orders and enquiries.

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