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From dried oysters and black moss to prosperity toss, celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Rat with a rich array of fine Chinese specialties

This year's Chinese New Year holiday is fast approaching, which gives us the perfect excuse to already start gathering our friends and family for a feast of hearty puddings, over-the-top Poon Choi and festive treats that are believed to bring us prosperity and fortune. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Chinese fare or creative options, these restaurants are presenting new festive menus that will fill your reunion dinner with blessings and decadent foods.

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The newly awarded one-Michelin starred Cantonese restaurant at The St. Regis Hong Kong will prepare a traditional  Lunar New Year specialties menu with dishes that symbolise good fortune and prosperity, abundance of wealth and a healthy, fulfilling year. 

Chinese New Year celebration is not complete without lo hei— Rùn’s version features a medley of ingredients including roasted crispy suckling pig and assorted vegetables, which are ready to be tossed into a vibrant mixture. As the tradition goes, the higher you toss, the better the fortune for the upcoming year. 

Dried oysters, which phonetically sounds like “good business” in Cantonese, is pan-fried and served with honey sauce, wok-fried minced dried oysters and Chinese lettuce.

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The Chinese Library

When: January 10 to February 9
Price: HK$1,088 for eight courses

It couldn’t be more fitting to celebrate Chinese New Year at The Chinese Library, where a festive eight-course menu featuring a series of dishes named after ingredients with auspicious associations will be on offer for a limited time only. 

The menu will showcase the restaurant’s signature dishes such as the chrysanthemum “thousand cut” silken tofu in chicken soup and laksa xiaolongbao, as well as Lunar New Year delicacies including the fresh abalone, chopped chilli peppers and scallions topped with clove fish to usher in an abundance of wealth.

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Mott 32

When: January 25 to February 9, 2020

Mott 32 has given Chinese New Year classics a decadent upgrade with premium ingredients combined with a blend of Cantonese, Sichuan, and Beijing culinary influences. 

The whole Atlantic lobster salad with Australian abalone served with homemade sauce easily steals the show with its lavish display, which suits the theme of generosity during this time of the year. The steamed fillet of leopard coral garoupa with Yunnan ham, aged hwa tiao and egg is just as extravagant, served in a portion best shared among friends and family.

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Mott 32

$ $ $ $
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Yan Toh Heen

When: January 6 to February 9, 2020  (except January 26)
Price: HK$1,888 for five courses

Enjoy a family-style reunion dinner at Yan Toh Heen, where the five-course “fat choy” menu begins with an abundant starter of barbecued suckling pig, golden sun-dried oyster and crispy lobster with spicy salt. A nourishing double-boiled soup with abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, conpoy, morchella, bamboo piths, mushrooms, black chicken and sea moss follows, as well as fried multi-grain rice with scallops, chestnuts and pine nuts, which represents prosperity and harvest. 

A rich selection of Chinese New Year specialty dishes are also available, including a colourful lo hei with cold jellyfish, shredded abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, roasted duck and julienne vegetables. Larger parties can opt for the Spring Dinner menus for 10 people, which feature seasonal dishes made with premium ingredients such as braised bird’s nest with crabmeat, braised sun-dried oyster and wok fried lobster.

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Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant

When: Now until February 9, 2020

Celebrate Chinese New Year in Chiu Chow style with traditional delicacies such as the Chiu Chow hot pot, which is filled with supreme ingredients boiled in a clear soup, unlike the dry, Hakka-style poon choi. 

If you’re looking for something different from the usual dried oyster and black moss dish, try the crispy noodle roll stuffed with black moss, celery and shrimp—a clever rendition without compromising the auspicious message of good fortune, available only on the “Peony” 10-course set menu for tables of six or 12.

Shop 1002, 10/F, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2577 1163,

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Ho Lee Fook

When: January 24 to January 31

The funky Chinese restaurant will give the Year of the Rat a Southeast Asian twist with yee sang, the Singaporean version of lo hei, consists of a medley of ingredients shredded and laid out on a large platter, topped with sliced hamachi sashimi and a sweet and sour yuzu and plum dressing. 

Looking to feast with a larger group? Choose from one of the two generous banquet menus: Golden Dragon and Double Happiness, comprised of festive delights different from all the traditional offerings.

Ho Lee Fook

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Sing Yin

When: January 25 to February 8, 2020

Usher in the new year with a hearty meal prepared with festive spirits and premium ingredients at W Hotel’s Sing Yin. Nine delightful dishes designed for the occasion will be presented during Chinese New Year for those looking for a modern take on the classics.

Guests can look forward to executive Chinese chef Chan’s fine craftsmanship which showcases meticulous details in the preparation of the auspicious dishes, including sautéed scallops with cordyceps flower and elm fungus, braised whole South Africa abalone with sea moss, dried oyster and seasonal vegetables, and sautéed and crispy prawns with vegetables.

Sing Yin

West Kowloon
$ $ $ $
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The Legacy House

Price: HK$2,280 for eight courses 

There’s nothing quite like a lavish banquet to ring in Chinese New Year, and The Legacy House delivers with an eight-course gourmet menu with meticulously prepared festive dishes using the finest seasonal ingredients. 

The menu begins with chef Li’s selection of appetisers, featuring roasted suckling pig, deep-fried beef cube, salty egg, marinated cherry tomato, Chinese yellow wine and maca root. Guests can expect Chinese favourites such as braised abalone served pomelo skin and oyster sauce, as well as modern creations like stuffed pears, black truffle and gorgon nut. 

Chinese New Year delights can also be ordered separately, with auspicious dim sum options such as deep-fried sesame dumpling with egg custard, dry oyster and black moss siu mai and baked Jinhua ham puff.

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