Cover Royal Caviar Club launches its caviar workshop experience in Hong Kong (Photo: Courtesy of Royal Caviar Club)

The caviar appreciation class will be led by specialist Oksana Dragun and chef Nicholas Chew at The Royal Caviar Club

Royal Caviar Club, a pioneering brand in fine food products distribution is launching a caviar appreciation class where gourmands will be able to gain essential knowledge of the fine luxury delicacy. The workshop will be spearheaded by Russian caviar specialist, Oksana Dragun and chef Nicolas Chew of Guerrilla Lab.

It is designed for those who have little to no knowledge of caviar and serves as a wonderful way to learn everything you need to know about caviar––from fascinating history, fun-facts, and tasting culture up to the proper etiquette of serving and appreciating the royal delicacy.

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After the caviar appreciation class, the workshop will be followed by caviar tasting, where guests will be able to make use of their newfound tasting etiquette knowledge to the test on five different types of Royal Caviar Club caviar including the royal cristal caviar, imperial osetra caviar, premium baerii caviar, imperial Iranian Beluga caviar and royal cristal gold caviar.

The decadent 5-course gastronomic caviar pairing experience will be curated by chef Nicholas Chew of Guerilla Lab. Some of the highlights of the seasonal menu include a delicate Hokkaido sea urchin amuse-bouche paired with the top-selling royal cristal caviar, lobster with plum and beurre blanc served with premium baerii caviar and the marbled wagyu, matched with the Beluga caviar.

The entire caviar workshop experience will last for about 120 minutes. The caviar appreciation class and the five types of caviar tasting is priced at HK$1,500 per person while the five-course caviar pairing many by chef Nicolas Chew costs HK$2,000 per person and if you combine this with the appreciation class, it will be priced at HK$2,500 per person.

To sign up, you can call +852 6670 6097 or email For more details, visit the Royal Caviar Club's official website.

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