The sweet scientists behind Crème De La Crème have turned The Tokyo Restaurant's iconic 6th Avenue Cheesecake into not one, but two ice cream flavours

The best cheesecake in KL—nay, the country—is now available as two ice cream flavours at The Tokyo Restaurant, which scooped up the prize for 'Best Value' at the T.Dining Awards 2018. Dessert lovers have Crème de la Crème to thank for giving the iconic treat a cool new format.

If it’s the biscuit base of cheesecake that you love best, opt for a scoop of the Burnt Caramel Cheesecake. But those who favour cheesecake’s creamy, jiggly centre will gravitate towards the Tokyo La Crème flavour. Sample both side by side; double scoops are twice as nice.