Order burgers and meatless burgers from this delivery-only concept!

Kim Yao (Gen T honouree, co-founder of Boozy and CloudEats) tells me that Burger Beast is the country's leading online-only burger restaurant. “We serve juicy, tasty gourmet burgers and more - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!”

She assures me that no matter what time you order, your burger will get to you succulent, warm, and delicious. Granted I did not order at two in the morning, but I did try out three of their burgers and was very impressed with how well it travelled. The patties were bursting with flavour, plump with moistness, and the buns were fluffy and by no means soggy or drenched with sauce from its travel time.  

This concept is delivery-only and is under the CloudEats umbrella. In partnership with chef Carlo Miguel who is CloudEats’ culinary director, Burger Beasts crave-able menu was made and is now available on FoodPanda and GrabFood!

When asked why she wanted to spearhead the CloudEats concept, creating cloud kitchens and delivery-only F&B brands Kim says, “Consumer behaviour is changing very quickly. We are focused on building online-only brands that serve great food at amazing prices, and are delivered to the customer fast”.

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Not only do they make top quality patties from premium meats, but they have also invested in creating vegetarian options. Carlo says that their newest release is the Beyond Meat burger which is plant-based. I gave it a try and can confirm that it has a whole lot of flavour – you will definitely not feel deprived!

When it comes to their secret sauce and condiments Carlo tells me that everything is made in-house. “We grind and assemble our patties ourselves. We make all our condiments, even the ketchup and pickles ourselves and I have taken great care to create and balance each burger on the menu for maximum flavour.”

We talked to chef Carlo Miguel to learn more about Burger Beast:

How do you ensure the burger travels well?

To ensure that our burger travels well, I made sure that the bread was made to my specific recipe which allows it to be soft but still has enough body to catch all the delicious burger juices. We also wrap the burgers open-ended to allow the burger to breathe during delivery and finally it's in the way we assemble and cook the patty to ensure the juices stay inside.  

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What would you say is the difference when planning a menu for dine-in vs one for delivery?

When designing a menu for delivery, you have to put yourself in the diners' shoes and select dishes and cuts of meat that will not degrade during delivery, so dishes that are braised in sauce won't dry out. You also have to ensure that you have the correct packaging. You pack everything neatly as if you are plating your food in a restaurant. 

Why did you want a Beyond Meat burger? 

I wanted Beyond Meat burgers on the menu because I believe they are the future. We cannot continue the way we are as a society and not expect repercussions in the future for our children. 

What do you think makes a great burger? 

For me, a great burger should have the right meat to bun ratio, a patty that has meaty but not firm condiments that enhance the patty and most importantly can be eaten with your hands! 

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