While 'diet' remains a four-letter word in my dictionary, there are various reasons one would avoid or only consume certain foods. Being a keto person herself, chef Isadora Chai understands the difficulties of eating out with prerequisites that aren't commonly available, and aims to fill that gap - as she caters for restaurant-goers who are vegetarian or gluten-intolerant, with two new menu options at Bistro à Table. And although I do not usually enjoy vegetarian meals nor have any special dining requirements (other than the food needing to be tasty), I definitely enjoyed the delicious, well-presented dishes, which I shall walk you through here; starting with the gluten-free options, followed by the vegetarian offerings.

We start our gluten-free degustation on a light note - which is good, as we've a lot more to feast on. The asparagus on its own is merely crunchy, but the use of truffled sabayon adds to its taste profile. Had we had bread, we would have mopped up the entire sauce, once the asparagus was done.

The scallop ceviche is more than just delicious; it's arrival onto your table is an exciting treat in itself. I will not spoil for you here (hint: it has to do with the 'smoke'). And surprsingly, the flavours from the salt-cured foie gras and rather intriguing, dairy-free white coconut curry ice cream that is served with it, mingle well together.

One may wonder, 'Why is there bread served in a gluten-free menu?'. Fret not, that's just the culinary term for meat from the throat or pancreas. While I don't consider myself a fan of (most) innards, this was done exceptionaly well, to the point that I wanted seconds. The texture of the ladies finger and veloute also enhanced the dish.

Next we move on to the four choices of mains. Served with a deconstructed ratatouille, the fish was extremely fresh and tender. What increased its appeal to me was the beancurd skin it was wrapped in, which gave the fish a bit more chew, thus allowing the taste to linger in your mouth for just awhile longer. 

Although uncommon in Malaysia, rabbit is consumed quite widely in France. This variation saw the meat done three ways, with my favourite being the deep fried rillette. There's just the right combination of yam and meat that go into it, so neither overpowers the other, but rather complements itself and provides delicious consistency.

While quail can be slightly difficult to cook, as it dries out rather fast, Isadora and her team manage to do wonders with it. The addition of foie gras, and the truffle cream increases the bird's allure and makes for a pleasent bite when combined. The meal is balanced out with a good amout of greens too.

If you aren't already a fan of risotto, this offering would make you change your mind. The feel is just right - creamy and consistent, with flavours drawn out from beef bone marrow, which also doesn't undercut the taste of the garlic. The fresh produce even give juicy bursts and a crunch to the dish.

With the right blush of pink to it, the lamb was tender and toothsome. Another exciting factor of the dish were the lamb trimmings, which were a welcome crispy addition. Then coupled with the smoked eggplant puree, it feels like a celebration of textures and flavours in your mouth. This is a must try, for those who love lamb.


We take a break from all the eating, to soak in the ambience within Bistro à Table (and digest our food). Next, we continue our epicurean journey with the vegetarian menu - which also includes the option of going gluten-free.

We begin with a dish that chef Isadora is renowned for - the coddled egg, except this time it is modified with the inclusion of truffle. If you haven't already tried this, it is very much recommended. The crouton dust add a wonderfull crunch to the already flavourful coddled egg, and leaves you wanting for more.

Let me stress again that I don't usually like vegetables, but I still devoured these within seconds! The zucchini fritters were crunchy on the inside and crispy on the out, with the cheese as well as tomatoes supplementing the zucchini. Plus points too for the colourful and artistic presentation.

I'm beginning to think that I can go vegetarian as the mains are brought out. This risotto is yet another eye-pleaser, and even more so on the palate. The mushrooms work the jaws, while the pistachio gives an added punch through its crunchy finish. The consistency, as expected, is also well done.

You may notice that chef Isadora probably has a flair for the use of truffles, and this seemingly simple, mouth-watering dish further enhances that realisation. At this point, I was really full, but my hand, mouth and probably even heart weren't cooperating, and I just needed to finish every last strand of the delectable pasta.

Just like the truffled linguine, don't let this straightforward dish fool you. The spaghetti is savoury and hits the right spot as the rouile increases its flavour profile and encourages mouthfuls (despite already being very well fed).

We finally get to the dessert. This option is even suitable for a vegan, as is uses whipped coconut foam. A cross between a granita and thap thim krop, the dehydrated rambutan, dragonfruit & jackfruit plus cold cream are the perfect, sweet ending to my (many) meals. Sadly, I've no space left to try all the desserts, but there are other exciting options you should check out!