Here’s your mooncake guide to complete the festivities and indulge a little in the perennial variety of traditional and snowskin mooncakes the island's best chefs love to offer

Your Mid-Autumn Festival is not complete without mooncakes, both the traditional baked and snowskin varieties, which have grown to become the highlight of the festivities. If you prefer the former, you’ll be glad to know that these all-time favourites from some of your favourite chefs are still some of the best picks for a classic feast. There are also those who enjoy the newfangled and sometimes unexpected, and this year's multitude of sumptuous options will not disappoint. 

Newfangled snowskin creations

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Blueberry with vintage Hua Diao wine

Bite into this luscious lilac-hued snowskin for an explosion of tart blueberry flavours punctuated with bits of berries for extra texture. It also packs a punch with the infusion of the 30-year-old Chen Nian Hua Tiao (vintage rice wine). Available at the Orchard Hotel Lobby Kiosk.

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Raspberry yoghurt snowskin mooncake with rosemary honey praline

This is one of executive Chinese chef Brian Wong's latest variety of new flavour pairings, which easily captures your attention with its delicate pink blush and its sweet and tangy filling of raspberry yoghurt and rosemary honey praline. Available at the hotel Forecourt Stall (hotel entrance) and e-store.

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Mother of Dragons featuring candied dragonfruit and lime zest

It’s interesting how this flavour was inspired by the Mo Bar’s signature cocktail drink of the same name. The velvety filling is a dragon fruit lotus paste made with the same concentrated and aromatic Mother of Dragons essence that's used in the cocktail, distilled using a rotary evaporator. This is then studded with candied dragon fruit chunks, which are first sweetened and dried for three hours. Available at the hotel and selected mooncake booths.

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White lotus seed paste with rosemary honey praline

This refreshing option boasts a touch of rosemary for additional health benefits. The luscious white lotus seed paste has lemon-mint notes from the herb but is well-balanced by the saccharine sweetness of the honey praline. Available at the hotel lobby and e-store.

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Bandung snowskin

There's always room for something local, so you shouldn't have problems finding someone to share this new concoction from executive Chinese chef Leong Chee Yeng. What first captures your attention is its enticing pink skin that cocoons an equally delicious rose-flavoured white lotus paste. Available at The Fullerton Cake Boutique, lobby level, and e-store.  

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Brown sugar milk tea truffle

Bubble tea is still the rage and is now the inspiration for Grand Hyatt Singapore’s latest snowskin offering. What makes this a rich and decadent must-try is the clever blend of asam tea infused with gula melaka and milk. Available at the Lobby Shop, e-store and selected mooncake booths. 

Traditional baked favourites

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White lotus paste with four egg yolks

You can't go wrong with this perennial favourite, which is the perfect pairing of sweet and savoury—its delectably smooth white lotus paste complemented by the saltiness of the egg yolks. Available at the Lobby Lounge, e-store and selected booths.

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Traditional baked mooncake with cempedak paste

A restaurant signature, this traditional baked mooncake cocoons a piquant filling made with the aromatic cempedak fruit that boasts strong flavours akin to mango. A bold offering that's destined to be a fan favourite. Available at the hotel lobby and e-store.

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White lotus seed paste with black sesame

Up your traditional mooncake game by opting for this novel creation. The culinary team has infused the classic lotus seed paste with black sesame, which not only gives the filling a nutty aroma but a unique sweetness and extra crunch too. Available for purchase at the e-store and selected mooncake booths. 

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Low-sugar white lotus paste

There will always be those looking for guilt-free options, and this year they can opt for this healthier variety, crafted with white lotus seed paste but with less sugar. It's also finished with a generous feature of macadamia nuts. Available at the hotel lobby and selected mooncake booths islandwide.

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Premium egg yolk blend with white lotus paste

Take a bite of its smooth and fragrant white lotus seed paste filling with egg yolk in the centre. A divine combination of texture and flavour, and tastes even better when paired with aromatic Chinese tea.

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Classic assorted nuts with chicken ham

A well-loved classic for a reason; the silky lotus paste is peppered with an abundance of nuts and seeds, including walnut, sesame seeds and almonds. Giving it a savoury and well-rounded finish are bits of smoky chicken ham. Available at Crystal Jade outlets.