Find out where to preorder these traditional delicacies to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival this year

Been missing mooncakes since the Mid-Autumn festival last year? Here’s some good news—there’s no need to wait any longer. Whether it's savoury mooncakes, sweet mooncakes or even ice cream mooncakes, we’ve compiled a list to satisfy all of your mooncake cravings. Share these delectable treats with friends and family—or just keep them to yourself.

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1. Le Dessert

Non-traditionalists and Francophiles will delight in Le Dessert's Parisian-inspired take on the Mid-Autumn pastry. The Choco Passion Lune cake features a Valrhona chocolate sablé base filled with a passionfruit and mango coulis, topped with chocolate ganache and dipped in chocolate & silvered almonds. Available as a nine-pack for HK$225, or in an 18-piece set for HK$425, the bite-sized mooncakes can be enjoyed by yourself thanks to their easy, snackable size. Bundle these with other desserts like the Mont Blanc pavlova (available in a range of sizes) or their signature jar desserts that contain a reinvented, easily portable Mont Blanc for the ultimate sweet convenience.

Order online here, or check for a special time-limited offer from Monday, September 13 from 12pm onwards.

2. Peninsula Boutique

At Hong Kong's Grande Dame, the coveted mooncakes are back this year under the culinary direction of Spring Moon's executive chef, Tang Chi Keung. Debuting this year are two new flavours: the modern walnut and fig mini egg custard combination, plus the more traditional red and south date lotus seed paste mooncake. These will be available as part of a range of gift sets—the most luxurious is the Star Chef Moon Gazing gift box (HK$2,288) which comes in an ornate crimson box that opens up to reveal two drawers: on top are four pieces of each mooncake flavour, while stowed away in the bottom is a tin of The Peninsula’s famed Pu Er Tea, as well as a set of limited-edition hand-painted porcelain tea cups with plates. All in all, gift sets of 12 different sizes will be available for purchase. 

Fans of The Peninsula's historic afternoon tea will be able to enjoy it with mooncakes this year, as the hotel's newly-opened Boutique & Cafe debuts a special Mid-Autumn edition afternoon tea replete with 3D-printed dark chocolate lotus with egg custard fillings, signature mooncakes, and Hokkaido soft serve to top it all off.

The Peninsula Boutique & Cafe, The Peninsula Arcade, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong; +852 2696 6969

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3. The Peninsula Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hong Kong’s Michelin-starred restaurant Spring Moon is bringing back the popular mini egg custard mooncakes, which are coveted for their silky buttery flavours and soft, luscious texture. This year, these limited-edition treats are presented in an exquisitely designed Art Deco-inspired gift box (HK$580 per box) adorned with panels inspired by the restaurant's stained-glass windows, accompanied by greeting cards featuring heartwarming verses calligraphed by Hong Kong poet and artist Benny Li. Competition for Spring Moon’s mooncakes is fierce, with supplies running out fast each year, so act quick! Order here.

4. Rosewood Hong Kong

This year, Rosewood is collaborating with Dashijie to reinterpret traditional Cantonese-style mooncakes. Packaged in a chic, eco-friendly box made of 100 percent recycled paper, the mooncakes will be offered in a wide array of flavours, making it a great gift to share with friends and family.

Four different mooncake sets are now available for pre-order. The first is the mini assorted flavour mooncakes box (HK$458), comprised of three flavours: jasmine egg custard, lapsang souchong lotus and red bean mandarin peel. The Rosewood x Dashijie mooncake gift box (HK$588) is made up of yellow lotus seed paste mooncakes with olive seeds and double egg yolks, while The Legacy House mini egg custard mooncakes box (HK$438) features rich and creamy custard mooncakes. Finally, the limited-edition Rosewood A Sense of Taste mooncake gift box (HK$988) features the highlights of this year’s mooncake collection and comes with a delicate glowing lantern. Order here.

5. Four Seasons Hong Kong

Four Seasons Hong Kong is back again with a selection of delectable mooncakes and luxurious hampers presented by three-Michelin-starred Lung King Heen. The mooncakes, which are made using carefully-crafted traditional recipes, are handmade by the restaurant’s chefs and contain zero preservatives. They will be packaged in a stylish gift box designed by local designer Alan Chan.

This year, Lung King Heen will be offering an elevated version of the classic five nuts and majestic ham mooncake, adding osmanthus to create a combination of savoury and sweet. The reinvented mooncake will be part of the assorted signature mooncake box (HK$598) alongside the preserved eggs and pickled ginger mooncake and the lotus seed paste mooncakes with salted egg yolk and black truffle. Also available is cream custard mooncake with toasted pine nuts, a flavoursome delicacy loved by many. Order here.

6. The Cakery

For those who want to be a little healthier this Mid-Autumn, The Cakery will be offering health-conscious, vegan and gluten-free mooncakes which are crafted using premium-quality ingredients without artificial food colouring. One of The Cakery’s innovative mooncake creations is the black sesame lava mooncake, a balanced mooncake made with ingredients like black sesame, chocolate, buckwheat and organic crispy rice. Two fruity mooncakes will be offered: the creative mango bean paste lava mooncake and the jasmine raspberry mooncake, both of which offer a refreshing fruity punch. Finally, the taro bean paste is a mooncake which complements taro with sweet white bean paste and purple sweet potato.

These delicate mooncakes will be packaged in a creative, chinoiserie-inspired gift box. The green and gold box, which is decorated with intricate embroidery, features pull-out compartments that each house an individual mooncake flavour. Adding to the surprise element of the mooncake box is a centre segment which can be lit up—a modern reinvention of traditional Mid-Autumn festival lanterns. Order here.

7. Yat Tung Heen

Yat Tung Heen’s beloved mooncakes will soon be available again—this time packaged in a reusable, olive green box. The wooden box, which features a latch opening, will not only be the bearer of the precious mooncakes, but can also double as a day-to-day handbag.

This year, Yat Tung Heen will be offering two flavours in two different sizes: the white lotus seed paste mooncake with double egg yolks will be regular-sized (HK$458 for four pieces), while the custard mooncakes with egg yolk will be mini-sized (HK$398 for six pieces). Both mooncakes are flavourful and decadent: the custard mooncake with egg yolk is a combination of sweet and salty, while the more traditional lotus seed paste mooncake with double egg yolks is hearty and rich. Yat Tung Heen will also be offering an early-bird discount, too. Order here.

8. Royal Caviar Club

Indulge yourself with Royal Caviar Club’s luxurious reinterpretation of the classic Mid-Autumn mooncake. Featuring a snow skin coating and a generous filling of premium Imperial Ossetra caviar, the elevated mooncake comes with two fillings to choose from: the cream cheese filling or the fresh Madagascan vanilla filling. These reinvented mooncakes not only harness the health benefits of caviar, but are also lower in sugar, fat and calorie content.

The mooncakes this year were curated in collaboration with master patissier Gael Majchrzak, who utilised his experience and delicate craftsmanship to build well-balanced flavour combinations. The limited edition luxury gift box (HK$680) includes three each of caviar and cream cheese and caviar and vanilla mooncakes. Early bird discounts are available. Order here.

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9. The Langham

Arriving in a delicate, peony-themed case, The Langham’s seasonal mooncakes are the perfect gift to treat friends and family with. The pink, lacquered box features illustrations of peonies in full bloom, symbolising romance, prosperity, good fortune and more.

This year, chef Kwong Wai Keung of the three-Michelin-starred T’ang Court will be offering two traditional flavours. The first is the signature mini custard mooncake with egg yolk, which comes in a set of six mini mooncakes (HK$518). Much-loved by many, this mooncake is rich, creamy and a crowd pleaser. Also a favourite is the white lotus seed paste mooncake with double egg yolks, which comes in a set of four (HK$548). These are made using high-quality ingredients for an authentic flavour and decadent taste. Order here.

10. Duddell's

Featuring a delightfully rich molten center, Michelin-starred Duddell’s lava cream custard mooncakes are a luxurious treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth. This year, the delicate mooncakes are presented in two elegant boxes, both designed by Hong Chong-Ip, the co-founder of Mo Design.

The signature gift box ($398) is gold with accents of red and blue, bringing a touch of mysteriousness to the contemporary design. It houses six lava cream custard mooncakes, but is also available with the limited edition tie guan yin mooncakes. The second mooncake box is the limited edition LED lantern gift box ($588), an eyecatching reinterpretation of a traditional mooncake box. With intricate detail, the box takes on the shape of a classic Mid-autumn lantern, making it an innovative design ideal for gifting. Duddell’s will also be offering Mid-Autumn hampers, which will contain mooncake boxes as well as additional treats like homemade cookies, champagne, Duddell’s signature sauces and more. Order here.

11. The Upper House

The House Collective has announced the launch of its very first mooncake set with carefully crafted recipes offered in four enticing flavours. Consisting of both creative and reinvented mooncakes, the set ensures that all taste buds are satisfied. Flavours include the assorted nuts mini mooncake with dried figs, a delicious medley of top-quality ingredients with different textures, and the red bean paste mini mooncake with mandarin peel, which pairs the deep, earthy sweetness of red bean paste with the zest of orange peel. A guilt-free offering is the maltitol white lotus seed paste mini mooncake with yolk. To finish is a classic—the egg custard mini mooncake, featuring silky egg custard encased in golden pastry. 

The mooncakes are packaged individually in mini boxes made using recycled paper. These are then added into a sustainable wooden box made using FSC-certified wood and eco-friendly techniques. The stylish, multi-purpose box can also be upcycled to store items such as stationary, accessories and more. Order here.

12. China Tang

China Tang’s stunning mooncake gift boxes are so pretty you’ll want to keep them—which is exactly the purpose of the eco-friendly design. The vibrant, chinoiserie-inspired box is detailed with elegant motifs of flowers and birds, complete with a Chinese-style window grille. It comes in two designs based on which mooncake flavour you order and features several small pull-out drawers that each house an individual mooncake.

Two traditional mooncake flavours will be offered this year. The first is the authentic white lotus seed paste with double egg yolk mooncake, which is made using an age-old recipe. The fragrant mooncake features silky lotus seed puree and rich salted egg yolk wrapped in a light and crumbly crust. The mini crafted egg custard mooncakes are decadent and rich. The smooth, creamy egg custard is encased in a buttery, golden crust, making the mooncakes hard to resist. Both mooncakes will be coming in a set of four (HK$388), with early bird discounts. Order here.

13. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental (LMO) puts a creative spin on mooncake boxes this year with its chic and dreamy tote bag. The tote bag, which is fully biodegradable and made using 100 percent cotton, offers an innovative, more sustainable alternative to traditional mooncake boxes. Its design is inspired by a Chinese poetic line and depicts a bright, glowing moon breaking through the misty blue clouds.

Inside the enchanting tote bag are six of LMO’s renowned mini egg custard mooncakes, which are made using their signature recipe. These dainty treats are filled with luscious, silky egg custard which is made using top-quality ingredients. They are priced at HK$418 per bag, with early bird and bulk discounts available as well. Order here.

14. Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Perfected by the renowned culinary team at One Harbour Road, Grand Hyatt’s mooncake selection this year features both classic flavours and innovative new creations. The mooncakes, which will be offered in three different combinations, are presented in a stylish, elegant gift box that makes it a versatile gift for loved ones.

The full moon box (HK$438) consists of white lotus seed paste mooncakes with two salted egg yolks; the bright moon box (HK$378) is filled with delicate egg custard mooncakes. Both are delectable treats which are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. For those who want to excite their taste buds, the One Harbour Road collection box (HK$398) introduces three distinctive new flavours. The purple sweet potato, almond and young ginger mooncake is a unique combination of three traditional ingredients. The egg custard mooncake cannot be missed, while the fruity egg custard mooncake with pineapple adds a refreshing kick to the much-loved classic. Order from the selection of mooncake boxes or splurge on a gift hamper, both of which have early bird discounts. Order here.

15. Ali Oli

Animal lovers can include their beloved pets in Mid-autumn festivities with Ali Oli’s people and pet mooncake gift box. The box (HK$348) consists of three mooncakes for pet owners and three chicken-based mooncakes for their pets. The mooncakes for pet owners come in three unique flavours: adzuki bean and tangerine peel, classic golden yolk and espresso walnut. The delightful mooncakes will be packaged in dog and cat themed gift boxes which have been designed by Hong Kong-based artist Oh! You Made My Day.

For those who don’t have pets, Ali Oli will also be offering two other mooncake gift boxes. The harmony mooncake gift box (HK$238) features four different mooncake flavours: pineapple, azuki bean and tangerine peel, espresso walnut and golden yolk. The full moon mooncake gift box (HK$218) features two each of the golden yolk mooncake and the espresso walnut mooncake. Early bird discounts are available. Order here.

16. The St. Regis Hong Kong

This Mid-autumn festival, The St. Regis Hong Kong has presented an innovative array of delightful mooncakes that can be enjoyed alongside a beautifully crafted tea selection. Featuring three irresistible flavours, the mooncakes are the creation of executive Chinese chef Hung Chi-Kwong of Michelin one starred Cantonese restaurant Rùn.

The white lotus seed paste with double egg yolks mooncake (HK$588 for a box of four) is a traditional flavour that doesn’t fail to impress. The satisfying mooncake consists of golden salty duck egg yolks surrounded by a silky lotus seed paste. The mini red bean paste with aged 15 years tangerine peel mooncake (HK$428 for a box of six) pairs the sweetness of red beans with tangy citrus, providing a refreshing kick. Last but not least, the indulgent mini assorted caramel nuts mooncake (HK$488 for a box of six) is a playful treat with a crunchy texture and lingering sweetness. The mooncakes will be presented in an elegant box that reinterprets traditional Chinese designs and takes inspiration from André Fu’s design of Rùn’s interior. Also offered by St. Regis is a tea selection meticulously crafted by the tea master. Order here.

17. Dominique Ansel

Renowned bakery Dominique Ansel has launched its newest creation: the fly me to New York mooncake gift set (HK498). This eye-catching mooncake box features a clear dome reminiscent of a snow globe, inside of which New York City’s skyline and signature icons are proudly displayed. Warm light, representing the moon, peaks through from the dome’s centre, casting a shimmery glow on the landmarks and bringing a touch of mysteriousness to the stunning design.

Inside the artistic mooncake box are six hand-crafted mooncakes that come in two flavours. The earl grey custard mooncake elevates creamy custard with fragrant tea, creating an aromatic but delicate flavour. The classic custard mooncakes are rich but balanced, with silky egg custard filling wrapped in flaky golden pastry. Each mooncake is embedded with the bakery’s initials and presented in the stylish box. Early bird discounts are availiable. Order here.

18. Date by Tate

Date by Tate is 2 Michelin Starred Tate Dining Room’s gourmet boutique, offering everything from household items and elegant tableware to delightful pastries and gorgeous desserts. This season, the boutique will be offering a unique pastry box to celebrate the mid-autumn festival. A modern rendition of a traditional mooncake set, the pastry box will contain a range of irresistible dessert creations by chef-patron Vicky Lau and head pastry chef Graff Kwok. 

The enticing mid-autumn pastry box (HK$1080) features five unique elements. The yuzu and sesame rocher and the salted egg yolk cookies (12 pieces each) are vibrant, eye-catching treats. Accompanying them is one jar each of the indulgent osmanthus milk jam (dulce de leche) and the refreshing lemon and osmanthus marmalade. The second layer of the box contains an impressive surprise- the majestic, mooncake-shaped five nuts chocolate mendiant. This luxurious creation is 19cm in diameter and comes with a wooden hammer, which customers can use to crack open the mendiant and reveal a lychee marshmallow centre. For an even more remarkable experience, customers can request to include a personalised message in the mendiant, making it an unforgettable gift for friends, family and loved ones. The spectacular pastry box can be purchased between 14 September and 21 September. Order here.

19. Pinewood x Cuisine Cuisine

Swap out tea and pair your mooncakes with some delicious wine for a decadent celebration. Cuisine Cuisine is partnering with Pinewood Wine to create limited-edition mooncake sets, which come with top-notch wines to bringing a touch of modernity to classic mooncake offerings this year. 

Elegantly packaged in gift boxes, the two traditional varieties, including the white lotus seed purée mooncakes with double yolks (HK$438 per set) and egg custard mini mooncakes (HK$418 per set) are offered with AOC Bordeaux wines from renowned winery Grand Reyne. You can choose to enjoy the mooncakes with either red or white wines. Order here.

20. The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

Celebrating this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong has launched two types of luxury mooncakes this year. In addition to the “Bounty and Bliss” gift set which comes with refined packaging and eight pieces of their signature mini egg custard mooncakes, the hotel’s two Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant is also offering a set of mini egg custard mooncakes featuring 15-year ripened Pu’er tea. Order here.

21. Shangri-La Group

As part of the celebration of the luxury hotel group’s 50th anniversary, Shangri-La Group is offering specially designed gift boxes packed with 50-year aged mandarin peel, rose and red bean paste mooncakes. Island Shangri-La Hong Kong has also launched an array of festive treats to celebrate the occasion, including hampers and gift boxes featuring traditional mini mooncakes made with red bean paste and precious dried tangerine peel; limited-edition “Seven-Star Mooncakes” set with one large white lotus seed paste mooncake with six egg yolks, surrounded by seven assorted mini mooncakes; as well as a brand-new set featuring mini tea-flavoured custard mooncakes to satisfy the modern palate. Order here. 

22. Hypebeans

Hypebeans has launched its first ever mooncake box this mid-autumn festival, collaborating with Patisserie La Lune to create a selection of dainty lava matcha mooncakes. The mooncakes take inspiration from some of Hypebean’s signature drinks, using both Shizuoka matcha and Marukyu Koyamaen Uji matcha to fully capture the richness and flavour of matcha.

Infused with matcha from inside out, the delicate mooncake is a luxurious treat for tea lovers in Hong Kong. With a silky, matcha filling which oozes out of the mooncake’s crisp and buttery matcha crust, the lava matcha mooncake is hard to resist. Coming in a box of four ($HK228), the mooncakes are housed in a minimalistic, moon-inspired box which features hypebeans’ logo and four individual containers. Order here.

23. Black Garlic x Lissome

Looking for delicious mooncakes with a healthy twist? Black Garlic has you covered. This year, the brand is collaborating with local vegan bakery Lissome to launch a collection of mooncakes that are perfect for a guilt-free celebration. Inspired by popular Asian desserts, the festive treats are offered in three unique flavours, including yuzu adzuki, matcha lava and black sesame, as well as savoury black garlic that comes with plenty of health benefits. Vegan, gluten-free and low-sugar, the mooncakes are packaged in stylish boxes of six will make for great gifts too. Order here.  

24. W Hong Kong

W Hong Kong is pulling out all the stops this Mid-Autumn Festival with a wide selection of mooncake gift sets to suit everyone’s taste. Aside from the popular lava egg custard mooncake box (HK$598 for six pieces), the hotel is also offering mini golden custard mooncake sets accompanied by two premium Big Red Robe tea bags (HK$438 per set with six pieces), or two bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne that makes for an extra memorable celebration. If you’re looking to enjoy some traditional flavours, there are also white lotus seed paste mooncakes with double egg yolks (HK$468 per set with four pieces). Order here.

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