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Celebrate International Burger Day on May 28 with the best local burger joints in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is no stranger to Hong Kong-style Western dishes. From the famed French toast, satay beef instant noodles, to local steakhouses, many of the city’s beloved food items show a blend of Western and Hong Kong culture, left behind from the city’s colonial days. Aside from French toasts and instant noodles, there's also another popular Western dish that Hong Kong has put its own spin on: the mighty hamburger. 

Inspired by American diners in a time when the city didn’t even have a single McDonald’s outlet (the first branch opened in 1975 in Causeway Bay), Hong Kong-style burger restaurants are a blend between cha chaan tengs and American diners, offering no-frills burgers and snacks with a slight Hong Kong spin. 

Whether it’s your first time hearing about Hong Kong-style burgers, or if you’re looking to walk down memory lane by revisiting these nostalgic spots, here’s where to find the best Hong Kong-style burgers in the city.

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Sze Sun Hamburger

Opened in 1960, Sze Sun Hamburger has been cooking up burgers for over sixty years. Using locally produced hamburger buns, housemade beef or pork burger patties, paired with a secret mayonnaise-based sauce, Sze Sun’s signature burger is simple, straightforward and delicious. 

The double patty burger is also popular here with an added fried egg and cheese. If you’re not a fan of their sauce, you can also ask to swap it to a black pepper sauce, curry sauce or ketchup. For snacks, try their signature crinkle-cut fries, gigantic onion rings and their fried chicken leg. 

Sze Sun Hamburger, Shop G22-G23, G/F, Home World (Site 12), The Whampoa, Hung Hom, Hong Kong, +852 2387 2868;

Tim Fook

Sham Shui Po’s Tim Fook is a grab-and-go takeout spot that specialises in Hong Kong style burgers. Try the Tim Fook Big Mac, which comes with a heavy beef patty, cheese, a thick slice of tomato and lettuce. 

Cutting down on red meat? Their chicken burger, which includes a large pan-fried chicken steak with an option of thousand island dressing is a worthy substitute. 

Tim Fook, Shop A1, G/F, Man Hoi Mansion, 80-82 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong, +852 9015 8006

Lee Hou Fuk Fast Food Shop

Lee Hou Fuk Fast Food Shop doesn’t have any fancy interiors—with folding tables and plastic stools, the cha chaan teng still manages to draw crowds from their satay beef French toast and deep-fried pork chop stuffed with cheese. 

The pork chop burger is served piping hot straight from the fryer to ensure that the cheese inside will be melted when you take your first bite. Pair this with a classic Hong Kong milk tea for a true Hong Kong burger experience. 

Lee Hou Fuk Fast Food Shop, Shop 1, G/F, Wah Tao Building, 14-16 Tai Po Road, Prince Edward, Hong Kong, +852 2777 9006

Danish Bakery

For a trip down memory lane, visit Danish Bakery, an old-school bakery in Causeway Bay that’s been open for half a century. Serving everything from a simple cheese burger, pork chop bun, fish fillet bun, hot dog, fried chicken leg and shrimp toast, this bakery will transport you to a simpler time when all you had to worry about was choosing what to eat after school.

Danish Bakery, G/F, Leishun Court, 106 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2576 7353

Suet Saan Bing Sutt

Suet Saan Bing Sutt is a popular cha chaan teng in Sham Shui Po that offers refined versions of our favourite cha chaan teng bites such as bite-sized multi-flavoured french toast, salted egg yolk chicken wings and the nostalgia-inducing fried egg and beef burger. 

With toasted buns, melted cheese, a thick beef patty and an extra bit of crisp and flavour from the fried egg, this cha chaan teng will become your go-to restaurant for when you want to get your burger fix. 

Suet Saan Bing Sutt, G/F, 62D Castle Peak Road, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong, +852 2386 5025

Kabo Burger

Opened in 2015, Kabo Burger is a Hong Kong-style burger spot that’s grown in popularity in the last few years. More recently, the restaurant moved to a new Tsim Sha Tsui outlet with spacious seatings while still serving their signature Hong Kong-style burgers. Try their popular black truffle cheeseburger, which comes with generous amounts of truffle sauce over melted cheese, beef patty and veggies. For sides, skip the regular fries and opt for the fried siu mai or the criss-cross fries instead. 

Kabo Burger TST, G/F, Wardley Centre, 9-11 Prat Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong; Kabo Burger Kwai Chung, Shop A&B, G/F, Kar Po Mansion, 499 Castle Peak Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, +852 6125 8419

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