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We may not be able to travel yet but the UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board have brought some of the best British cheeses and wines to Singapore

Despite the current travel restrictions, you will be pleased to know that you don't actually have to travel far to try some of the world's best foods.

This year, the UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has brought in a selection of some of the finest British cheeses and wines for us to enjoy right here in sunny Singapore. In fact, you can get some of these special cheeses at a number of shops island-wide. Getting to taste the best the world has to offer really does not have to be difficult. 

With the long weekend coming up, there is no better time to kick back with a glass of wine and some cheese with your loved ones. Here are some of our top British cheese picks and where you can find them.

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1. Cornish Kern

Most popularly known for beating 3,500 cheeses and winning the 2018 top honour at the annual World Cheese Awards, the Cornish Kern is truly a cheese that is worth trying. 

The Cornish Kern is a savoury cheese with a nutty taste and sweet endnotes. It is usually aged for over a year and was inspired by Gouda cheese. What's interesting about this cheese is that the curds are typically blowtorched to give it a slight caramel taste. 

If you are including this cheese on a cheese board, try leaving it for the end. The cheese actually tastes better the longer you leave it on your board. 

Consider pairing this cheese with a spicy red wine to bring out the best flavours. 


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2. Champagne Chedder

Soft, buttery and made with vegetarian rennet, this cheese is perfect if you are not a fan of sharp cheeses.

This cheese is usually made traditionally and then aged for about 10 months. After which, the cheese is milled so as to break up the curd. Champagne is then added to the cheese. Following that, it will get pressed, waxed and exported throughout the United Kingdom and North America primarily. 

If you enjoy a slight sweetness with a hint of a fruity kick in your cheese, this is the perfect one to get your hands on. 


3. Pitchfork Chedder

Pitchfork cheddar is a slightly harder cheese that provides a juicy bite. It is creamy in the mouth and boasts a dense and nutty taste. It also has a sharper taste but not such that it is overpowering. 

This artisan cheese would pair wonderfully with a chardonnay. 


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4. Applewood Smoked Chedder

With its gorgeous red-yellow finish, this dense and semi-hard cheese is vegetarian and a fantastic addition to any cheeseboard. It is also one of the top-selling cheeses in the UK. 

What's interesting about this cheese is that though it has a strong smokey flavour, you will be surprised to find that the cheese has actually not been smoked. Rather, it is given an artificial smoky flavouring with a dusting of paprika. The paprika gives the cheese its amber colour. 


5. Old Winchester

The Old Winchester is a unique cheese that will appeal to people who love cheese with a good bite. This cheese is a bit dryer and harder. It actually has a similar taste to gouda cheese with its nutty notes. 

The cheese is also made with a vegetarian rennet which means that you can have this as a vegetarian replacement for Italian cheese. 

What's interesting about this cheese is that it is also grainy. These grains are actually naturally forming calcium sulfate crystals that give it a nice salty bite. 

The Old Winchester has also won numerous awards over the years including the Best Modern British Cheese in 2006 and a two-star gold at the Great Taste Awards 2020.


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6. Red Leicester

The Red Leicester is an English cheese that dates back to the 17th century. What's special about this cheese is its bright orange colour.

According to the general manager of The Cheese Shop, Andrew Manktelow, the cheese is coloured using beetroot. He says: "Cheese with orange colourings were often priced higher which is why they were often coloured using beetroot."

The cheese is on the firmer side with a slightly sweet, earthy and mellow flavour. It also has a slightly nutty taste that tends to become stronger as the cheese matures. 


7. Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is a fairly common cheese in Singapore but it deserves a spot on this list just as much as the other cheeses. The Monterey Jack is a semi-hard cheese that has a milder flavour as well as a slight sweetness to it. 

It is often eaten on its own and can be paired beautifully with sparkling rose. 


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8. Wensleydale Cranberry

By far the sweetest cheese on our list of recommendations, the Wensleydale Cranberry is certainly one to try if you enjoy cheese with fruit. 

The cheese, which is sweet, creamy, crumbly in texture and soft, is fantastic on its own. However, with the addition of bright red cranberries, the cheese is made so much more fun and flavourful. 

Pair this with a spicy red wine for the best flavour profiles. 


9. Shropshire Blue

The Shropshire Blue is definitely not a cheese for the faint of heart. 

Made with pasteurised cow's milk, the Shropshire Blue is a semi-firm blue cheese that has a strong and sharp flavour profile. It is creamy, tangy and even has a slightly spicy finish. 

Pair this with a glass of sweet port wine and save it for the end of your cheese board for the best taste.


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