The word "no" doesn't exist at Grand Harbour Restaurant, which doesn't impose fixed packages, but bends to clients' demands for bespoke experiences.

The Menu

In the true vanguard of classic Cantonese cuisine, Grand Harbour preserves traditional recipes while allowing wiggle room for inspiration. Suggestive of traditional Chinese weddings and Lunar New Year feasts, banquet-style dishes can, in fact, be served year-round. Simply take a seat at the table armed with a healthy appetite.

What a way to make an entrance: the Five Seasons of Happiness lets you play roulette sans any high-stakes. Confer your choice of delicacies to the chef, whose quintet might comprise of 'three treasures' spring rolls; pork ribs with Marmite sauce; bacon rolls with mango salad dressing; chilled boneless chicken with jellyfish; and wok-fried scallops in black pepper sauce.

A reminder that good things take time, the Double Boiled Supreme Chicken Soup with Dried Scallops is a fitting precursor to the Barbecued Spanish Iberico Pork Ribs. Silky smooth Braised Chinese Cabbage with Mushrooms, Fish Maw and Dried Oyster follows. "This type of slow-cooking is no longer carried forward by the younger generation," says Chef Chan Hoong Fatt. "Enjoy it while you can." As at every Chinese multicourse meal, carbs come last. Studded with assorted barbecued meats and mushrooms, the Signature Steamed Glutinous Rice is quite a sight; where upended dishes are concerned, we much prefer it to pineapple upside-down cake.

Chef Chan Hoong Fatt

Burn scars on his forearms and snow white skin are two telltale signs of the tireless hours Chef Chan has spent in the kitchen.

Ignoring the dangers of the wok, the hands-on head chef rarely sees the light of day, but it's a small sacrifice to make when he's doing what he loves.

The specialist in Cantonese cuisine cut his teeth at dai chow restaurants and hotels before finding a family in the Tai Thong Group, whom he's served for a decade.

An Ipoh boy to the bone, the chef purportedly makes a damned good chicken rice too!

Tatler Asia
Above Chef Chan Hoong Fatt. Photo: Khairul Imran / Malaysia Tatler

The Space

Outfitted with LED screens, PA systems, karaoke and changing rooms, Grand Harbour is lack for nothing. Nestled on the fourth floor of Da Men Mall, parking woes are a thing of the past.

No matter the size of your party, the restaurant and event space is able to accommodate. Wall partitions go up and come down at ease, and tables can be erected accordingly. Unobstrusive servers flit among guests like ghosts but are quick to assist when asked.

Going beyond the usual wedding dinner and Chinese New Year reunion, Grand Harbour has played host to many a power lunch, product launch, and motivational talk — the possibilities are endless.

Facts & Figures

  • Grand ballroon: Up to 45 tables with 10 pax per table
  • 3 Private Rooms: Up to 40 pax
  • VVIP Room: Up to 20 pax

Contact Information

Grand Harbour Restaurant | Level 4, Damen Mall, USJ, Subang Jaya, Selangor | +603-8011 7172|

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