Classy packaging encasing a tasty Filipino classic. What's not to love ?

Gabbie Rodriguez turned her hobby into a business during ECQ by founding Puto People. Overall, puto (traditional Filipino rice cake) is light, moist, chewy and not too dense. Its dough is sticky (as it should be), delicate and very well-made! Their ube cheese puto is a beautiful bold violet colour and has a pleasant touch of salt that comes from the cheese. The ube flavour comes through notably and complements the cheese. On the other hand, the ube pandan cheese puto is just as delightful in texture, however, the pandan flavour could be more pronounced.

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She began her puto journey because “puto was and still is my favourite snack growing up, which I find is such an underrated Filipino staple” Gabbie shares with me. Puto People prides themselves on the fact that their putos are not only delicious but made with no artificial colourings or preservatives, hence the short shelf life. 

Customers can pick from five options - Ube, Ube Pandan, Ube Cheese, Ube Pandan Cheese, and their best-selling assorted option. There are 14 to 15 bite-sized freshly baked putos that can be delivered to you inside a rose gold tin tied with Puto People’s signature purple ribbon. 

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