Led by Australian documentary photographer Kimberley Anderson, the workshops, which encompass market visits and photo walks, take place in Penang on two consecutive Saturdays — May 25 and June 1, 2019.

Find your own voice in food photography.

Only in our part of the world for a brief stint, roving photographer Kimberley Anderson is a regular contributor to myriad tourism boards and is represented by Robert Harding World Imagery at present. Also founder of the Women in Travel Photography & Film community, the Australian lass is scheduled to host two photography workshops and photo walks in Penang. Her objective in photography is to: "Encourage adventure and exploration, to promote understanding and tolerance, and to open people’s hearts and minds."

...it is my hope to inspire curiosity in others so that they take that leap, plan that adventure and create their own extraordinary moments.

The workshops, a tie-in with The Fay Khoo Award, are an important part of the award's funding and provide a platform for food writers and photographers to showcase the ASEAN region's colourful food culture and diversity.

The Fay Khoo Award Food Photography Workshop with Kimberley Anderson is priced at RM250 per pax. Sign up by emailing info@hikayat.asia.