Organic, allergen- and preservative-free gourmet foods distributor Alternative Selection launches Five Founders Natural Australian Beef, Australia’s first and only carbon neutral certified beef, in Singapore

We’ve all been guilty of blissful ignorance when it comes to our gastronomic desires—especially when it involves our love for beef. It’s a difficult balance for consumers to achieve but that just became a lot easier with the Singapore debut of Australia’s first and only carbon neutral certified beef.

In short, the Five Founders beef tenderloin we enjoyed for dinner at its Singapore launch event at the Hilton Singapore had a net zero carbon footprint, even after the plane or boat ride it took to get here.

It’s a huge step forward in our struggle with the issue of climate change, and an even bigger achievement when considering the harsh criticism, the cattle industry has had to face in the last decade.

There are ways to combat its greenhouse gas production, and for a start, Five Founders—the first brand of beef by North Australian Pastoral Company (NAPCo), one of Australia’s largest and oldest cattle producers—is doing so largely via reducing carbon emissions and carbon offsets. The latter means that carbon emissions produced by Five Founders from paddock to plate is compensated with activities or initiatives that absorb the same amount of carbon or more.

Five Founders became Australia’s first carbon neutral certified beef only in April. But the company already boasts a 140-year commitment to ethical and sustainable farming, through sensitive management of both land and livestock. Attaining carbon neutrality was therefore a natural progression of this commitment, affirms Marnie Crawford, NAPCo’s head of marketing.

According to a recent statement, Five Founders beef is produced exclusively from free-roaming cattle born and raised on the vast, fertile grasslands of the northern Australian Outback, and grain finished for 100 days with no added hormones. No part of the beef goes to waste as well, as the entire carcass is used to its fullest potential.

“Like in Australia, consumers in Singapore are becoming more mindful about the food we eat, and how it gets on to the table,” shares NAPCo’s general manager James Carson. “By bringing Five Founders to Singapore, we hope to instil confidence in consumers that they can reduce the environmental impact of their dietary choices, while enjoying a delicious steak.”

Make It Count

Of course, efforts to ensure sustainability doesn’t stop at achieving one milestone. Many of the company’s sustainable beef farming and agricultural practices are ongoing. And that includes ensuring full traceability within Five Founders’ supply chain, meaning complete traceability from birth to processing, which allows the business to continually monitor and manage their carbon footprint.

Its goal as a company is to eventually be completely carbon neutral by 2025. And that will require more proactive initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, Crawford shared how the company is working with CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) to explore the possibility of cultivating red seaweed that they use supplement the cows’ diet to significantly reduce the methane they produce.

“It’s currently commercially viable in countries like Sweden,” she explains, but adds that the cost to import it for large-scale commercial use is extremely high, which is why NAPCo and other pastoral companies are working on ways to cultivate this red seaweed in Australia's hot climate.

A wide range of cuts of the Five Founders Natural Australian Beef are available for purchase exclusively on RedMart, and at Ryan’s Grocery, including the tenderloin, the sirloin MB2+, the rump cap and even the yakiniku.

If you’re dining out, the beef is also on the menu of several restaurants, including Cheek Bistro, Kitchen by Food Rebel, La Strada, Lino, Outback Steakhouse, SaLe Marino, Tatsu Sushi, Tatsu Teppanyaki, The Market Grill and Venue By Sebastian.

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