April is all about a good hearty meal with plenty of new openings such as the Asian fusion restaurant and a custom burger bar.

Another month is coming to an end and this marks the fourth installment of our 'Top 5 new openings' listing for 2015 that brings you the latest and hottest dining venues in Kuala Lumpur.

This April, we had plenty of excitement in the local dining scene, which include the opening of an all-day Italian dining restaurant, two hip urban cafes, a custom burger bar and an Asian fusion restaurant. All of these have one thing in common: they are places to go if you're up for a hearty gourmet bite.

So pull out your diaries and smartphones and plan away your next dining outing.

0- Doppio 2.jpg -

Doppio at Menara TH, Platinum Park
Already a popular haunt among our socialites, Doppio is a hip cafe in the heart of the city, just off Persiaran KLCC. This makes it a great dining place for those working in the area or for family weekend outings. While good coffee is a natural crowd-puller, Doppio also pushes out a scrumptious menu, which includes freshly baked muffins and big breakfast for brunch and delicious lasagnas, bagels and wraps for lunch time.

2- Palazzo Viva.jpg -

Palazzo Viva at Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar
Co-owned by award-winning master pastry chef, Denis Dianin, Palazzo Viva is creating a buzz in Bangsar as remarkable desserts and pastries joint on top of its all-day dining concept. Unlike many restaurants in town, Palazzo Viva features a different ambience and menu throughout the day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Personally, we recommend diners to try out the night setting for some delicious cocktails, gourmet tapas and luscious pastries.

3- The Counter.jpg - 

The Counter at Pavilion KL
Originated from Los Angeles, The Counter has just made its first debut into the Malaysian food scene with its custom-built burger bar concept. This new establishment offers a myriad of organic and ethically-sourced ingredients for patrons to custom make their own gourmet burger.

From imported cheeses and artisan baked buns to premium meats and toppings, the combinations here is close to limitless. All you need to bring when dining at The Counter is your creativity.

4- Skillet at 163.jpg -

Skillet at 163 at Fraser Place, Kuala Lumpur
If you love both western and Asian cuisine and can't decide between the two, then Skillet at 163 might just be the perfect place to be. Headed by Chef Raymond Tan, delicacies served at Skillet is an inventive case of pan-region cuisine.

From Indonesian tempeh to Malaysian ulam, each flavour is cleverly mixed together to create a list of exciting new dishes. Even our classic otak-otak is altered into a unique mille-feuille-like savoury wonder.

1- Yellow Brick Road.jpg -

Yellow Brick Road at Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara
Not just an imaginary road in the world of Oz, the famed Yellow Brick Road just opened up a new cafe to provide a much needed escape from the city centre. Located in the quiet side of Bukit Damansara, this new brunch joint is known for its hearty breakfast menu that is infused with local flavours like kaya sauce, Chinese BBQ and coconut cream into the more common western styled menu.

With its quiet location and delicious menu, things are definitely looking up for this little haven.


(Photos courtesy of all respective outlets)

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