Cover Ah-Ma-Kase menu (Image: Candlenut)

Singapore’s culinary talents—Candlenut’s Malcolm Lee and Rishi Naleendra, chef-owner of the lauded Cloudstreet, Cheek Bistro and Kotuwa—will also be featured

As we continue to shelter in Singapore until it’s deemed safe to travel again, we can’t help but dream of our next gourmet escape—be it in Italy, France or Spain. Here’s some ray of sunshine to tide you over until that day comes: Airbnb has launched a series of virtual cooking experiences, in collaboration with award-winning local and international chefs.

In the safety of your own kitchen, you’ll be transported to the Mediterranean coasts with the help of Marc Favier, chef-owner of one-Michelin-starred Marcore restaurant in Paris, France. His first exclusive masterclass will show participants the intricacies of preparing his “sunny and generous” cuisine.

Head over to Madrid, Spain next and learn about chef Ivan Muñoz of Chirón Valdemoro Restaurant’s passion for sustainability and championing local produce.

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In New York, where chef and TV personality David Chang continues to quarantine himself at home, he will share easy-to-follow recipes he whipped up using accessible ingredients. “I’ll tell you about some of the one-pot recipes I’ve made during self-quarantine and why having a few essential tools is all you really need for home cooking,” he stated on the website. He added that he’ll even throw in the recipe of his favourite chicken and rice donabe (claypot).

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While we can travel virtually outside of the country via the ongoing cooking series, the rest of the world can get a peek at Singapore’s dynamic scene, too, thanks to our home-grown culinary talents.

Candlenut’s Malcolm Lee, the chef-owner of the world’s first Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant, for one, will be “giving guests from all over the world the chance to discover and learn more about Singapore's famed food culture and Peranakan cuisine in the comfort of their own homes."

Rishi Naleendra, chef-owner of the lauded Cloudstreet, Cheek Bistro and Kotuwa, will show guests how to prep delicious plates made with fresh produce and inspired by various cultures.


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