Cover Above & Beyond's Summer Specials (Image: Above & Beyond)
Promotion: May 31 - Aug 30 2021 (Expired)

Enjoy the season’s best delicacies while admiring the views of the iconic Victoria Harbour

To celebrate summer in Hong Kong, executive chef Chi Ki Wong has curated an array of refreshing dishes as part of Above & Beyond's summer special menu. The menu combines elements of traditional Cantonese cuisine with international cooking methods and ingredients for a unique dining experience that will tantalise diner's tastebuds.

Comprised of six dishes, the summer special menu focuses on using the season’s best produce. First up in the selection is deep-fried shrimp balls with passion fruit sauce, which merges the crispiness of the prawn with the sourness from the passion fruit sauce. Next, chef Wong pairs honey with wagyu beef, which is stir fried with pumpkin and black pepper to bring out the texture and aroma of the beef. The menu also features braised seabass with Okinawa bitter gourd. Bitter gourd is known to have health benefits such as decreased blood sugar and cholesterol level, making it an excellent choice the summer. Last but not least is the French pigeon in two styles- stir-fried pigeon slices with leek and garlic and crispy fried pigeon spleen with spiced salt. The leek and garlic bring out unique flavour and highlights the succulence of the meat, while the crispy fried pigeon spleen is a traditional dish enjoyed by all.