Promotion: Oct 21 - Dec 15 2021

Cordis' renowned Chinese restaurant unveils a brand-new seasonal menu curated with locally sourced produce

To promote sustainable dining concept and support the local communities, Ming Court’s executive chef Li Yuet Faat has created eight dishes with a host of locally-grown ingredients, including the locally raised Ping Yuen chicken from a farm in Fanling, air-dried seafood and dried tiger prawn from Lamma Island, dried shrimp paste, dried squid and salted fish made in Tai O, as well as the famous Shek O preserved mustard cabbage.

“As a Michelin-starred restaurant, Ming Court is committed to sourcing the best ingredients and providing an authentic Cantonese culinary experience to our customers. By using various locally-grown ingredients in our specialities, we hope we can support the fishery and agriculture industry, hence revealing Hong Kong’s unique fishing port culture. Also, we further practice the low carbon lifestyle and promote the concept of sustainable dining,” says chef Li.