Want to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine but don't have the time to leave the country even for a short getaway to The Land of the Rising Sun? We've got you covered.

Go For An Omakase Experience

Sushi is one of the pinnacles of Japanese cuisine and dining omakase is a great way to taste what the bountiful Japanese ocean has to offer, especially when prepared by a master chef. Fortunately for Malaysians, Kuala Lumpur is home to a good number of delicious sushi joints that can offer an experience just as good as restaurants in Tokyo.

Slurp On Some Ramen

This crowd favourite is an iconic Japanese dish that has become an international star. Easy-to-love with a wide variety of broths and topping options to make finding a bowl to your liking relatively effortless, world-class ramen is easily accessible here in Malaysia.

Socialise Over Grilled Skewers & Beer

The rising popularity of yakitori can be partly attributed to the fact that delicious grilled skewers of meat and vegetables, especially when combined with tall glasses of beer, makes for a fantastic way to enjoy an evening out with family and friends. Although yakitori is basically the Japanese equivalent of satay, it can taste different depending on the restaurant and the style of the Japanese region of where it comes from, with Osaka style typically being breaded and deep-fried.

Try The Best Wagyu In Japan

Premium Miyazaki wagyu beef, which won the 2007, 2012 and 2017 Wagyu Olympics (yes, that's a thing) comes to Malaysia for the first time at The Olive, Genting Grand, which is the only official restaurant able to serve the beef in the country. Each bite is an experience, with the meat being extremely tender and deliciously fatty, satisfying this diehard beef lover.

Indulge In A Crunchy Japanese Classic

Breaded and deep fried pork cutlets, also known as tonkatsu, is another Japanese specialty that has grown in popularity over the years. As such, we've seen a number of these tonkatsu restaurants pop up all over the Klang Valley.

Eat All The Sashimi, Sushi and Hand Rolls You Want

We all love a good all-you-can-eat every now and then (don't forget about buffet etiquette), so why not go for a Japanese brunch buffet that offers the best of everything you love. Plus, you'll then have the chance to have all the sashimi you can stomach.

Brush Up On Your Japanese Whisky Knowledge 

Japanese whisky has grown to global stardom and thanks to its newfound fame, everyone from connoisseurs to newcomers are appreciating it. Malaysia Tatler took a trip to Nikka's distillery in Sendai last year to get a crash course on Japanese whisky from one of the nation's major icons in the whisky industry. The next time you're in a conversation and the topic comes up, you won't find yourself without anything to contribute.

Read Our Etiquette Tips In Prepartion For Your Trip To Japan

So you decided to experience Nippon culture in all its glory for yourself and buy a ticket to Tokyo, Osaka or any one of the nation's awesome destinations. Good on you! However, take note that the Japanese are extremely polite and mindful of others, which are good qualities we should practice when over there. Before you go, get to know the everyday essentials when it comes to etiquette in Japan.

Curing Your Post-Japan Holiday Blues

You went, you saw, you ate, you conquered (figuratively) and now you're back. If you're like us, you'll find yourself craving for Japan once again. If so, you could go through the gallery again and check out the other restaurants that you haven't visited, or you could read up on these 5 great ways to beat the post-Japan holiday blues.

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