You have just finished your meal but you're still itching for something sweet to bookend the experience. Or perhaps you just have a craving for something sweet. Well, we've got just the selection for you.

1. Cheesecake

A slice of cake to end the meal? What a cliche. But it's a good cliche, especially when you're having cheesecake so smooth you'll possibly be audibly letting out an "mmmm" with each bite. Go for the famous creamy Japanese cheesecake downtown or opt for the unusual tofu cheesecake from Project C for a satisfyingly sweet-savoury way to end the meal.

2. Crêpe

What's not to like about crêpes? This thin French delicacy is an incredible way to wrap up all your favourite sweets in one delicious package. Mille crêpe specialists Nadeje has a number of outlets all over the Klang Valley and Malaysia, offering a different way to enjoy this treat. Marion Crêpes on the other hand, focuses on serving a range of hot and cold crêpes made famous in Harajuku, Japan, and brought to Malaysia for the first time.

3. Kakigori

A Japanese summertime favourite, kakigori is shaved ice done the Nippon way. Whether it's matcha flavoured, fruit flavoured or more cake-inspired, having a tall bowl of finely shaved ice shared with your family or friends is a great digestive. With a number of kakigori specialist shops all over the Klang Valley, it's as easy as pie to get your hands on one.

4. Soft Serve Ice Cream

Ask anyone what the ideal post-meal treat should look like and they would almost undoubtedly say soft serve ice cream. Almost. Easy to like and hard to say no to, Malaysians are spoilt for choice when it comes to quality soft serve, thanks to a number of specialist ice cream cafes around town that all offer their own special something.

5. Healthy Ice Cream

Say you want ice cream but you don't want all the excessive sugars and artificial flavourings that may come with it; there are places for that too. Vegan ice cream is now a thing and so too are naturally flavoured popsicles, allowing you to get your fix without sacrificing too much.

6. Gelato

Not quite ice-cream but also like ice-cream, gelato is one of those Italian desserts that has captured the hearts of many thanks to its simple yet artisanal approach. Fortunately for us, they are quite a number of gelaterias in town to keep everybody satisfied.

7. Waffles

What's not to like about waffles? Fluffy and pairing easily with sweet and savoury combinations, waffles can evoke a fresh nostalgic sensation brought on by your childhood. Places like Chequers in TTDI is one such place that does sweet and savoury waffle based dishes, while Madame Waffle focuses on the sweet side with a Japanese touch, giving you options to indulge in your favourite fluffy treat.

8. Chocolate

Universally loved from young to old, chocolates have the privilege of being in a sweet spot that it can do no wrong. But as your love for chocolates grows, so too does your demand for quality cacao. Luckily, we've got all the best spots for you to get your hands on fine chocolates in our ultimate guide.

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