The popular greenhouse-themed restaurant presents delicious new additions to the menu of Asian and western fare.

1. Unpretentious, Hearty Western and Eastern fare

Since its debut last year June, Botanica+Co has enjoyed tremendous success, winning the hearts and tummies of food lovers and experience seekers alike. Its lush, glasshouse ambiance never ceases to delight diners who return with new companions to try a menu dotted with unpretentious, hearty western and eastern fare.

To cater to its returning regulars, Botanica+Co has introduced several exciting additions to its menu. As its name suggests, these new additions stay true to Botanica+Co’s menu of fresh, natural and wholesome. We had the chance to try some key dishes and these are our top picks.

2. To share: Mexican lamb tacos 

Sturdy yet crispy, hard taco shells were well proportioned with paprika-spiced lamb chunks, topped with a cooling cucumber raita. Each bite revealed generous servings of cubed lean meat that went down well with extra raita dip on the side. The combination of toothsome textures proved it a great munch before mains are served.

3. Appetiser: Gruyere cheese soufflé

Decadent and virtuous coexist in the form of a wobbly and cheesy soufflé and a bed of leafy greens drizzled in a truffle dressing. Each spoon reveals an addictive fluffy-meets-creamy ‘pudding’ – alongside a petite salad with raisins and walnuts, because healthy. 


4. Bo+Co house salad

Order this salad to taste the essence of Botanica+Co. Piled high with crisp mesclun leaves, Japanese cucumber, edamame, pomegranate, parmesan flakes and a signature yuzu-sesame dressing – this salad isn’t just a picture of health, it’s a tasty way to absorb all the green benefits.

5. Slow braised oyster blade 

This one’s for the meat lovers. This protein-filled main stars a grain-fed Angus beef, cooked sous vide-style over 12 hours in a veal jus. Providing a side of fibre are sautéed garden vegetables, over a bed of creamy, garlic-infused potato mash to catch each drop of beefy goodness.


6. Spicy crayfish aglio olio 

This satiating dish of aglio olio is dressed up instantly, paired with a chargrilled crayfish, cracked in half to reveal fleshy, sweet white meat. Spaghettini is tossed with sambal chili, and topped with a temptingly displayed shellfish, then finished with a drizzle of delicate cheese shavings.

7. Lamb kofta curry 

We were told that this was a fast and easy crowd favourite, and we knew it the instant we dug in. The dish had all the trimmings of familiar comforts: basmati rice pilaf with a side of spiced lamb meatballs coated in a rich tomato curry, a tangy kachumber salad, and a housemade papadum rolls to crack over all the goodness.

8. Dessert: Banana crumble 

Crafted to replace an apple pie, the banana crumble presents a familiar dish with a playful twist; served in a mini skillet. Caramelised bananas are baked with a crumb mixture and topped with fresh berries. A scoop of vanilla ice cream oozes a comforting puddle over the crispy, buttery dessert, ensuing in a gleeful scraping of spoons. 

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