Thanks to our continuous love for Japan's world famous noodles, we take a look at seven more ramen restaurant that will have fans arguing over which place serves the best bowl.

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Kagura Tokyo Chicken Ramen

Newcomer to the ramen scene here in Malaysia, Kagura is located at J's Gate over in Lot 10 and serves up delicious bowls of chicken based ramen. While chicken broth ramen may not be unheard of, they certainly aren't common in town. The shoyu (soy sauce) and shio (salt) choices are easy to enjoy and have a pleasant chicken taste mixed into the soup. Discover more at their Facebook page.

If you're looking for more pork-free ramen restaurants,  one comes to mind that just opened recently.

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Mitsuyado Siemen

Ok, this one might be cheating a little but tsukemen still counts as a type of ramen! From Tokyo to Damansara Uptown, Mitsuyado serves up their signature chashu and yuzu broth with a side of either cold or hot chewy noodles. Unlike ramen, tsukemen is served with a thicker sauce on the side for dipping and eating, just like soba. If you really want ramen, they also offer either tonkotsu or chicken ramen. Find out more at their offical website.

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Goku Roku Ramen

Over at Paradigm Mall, Goku Roku has been whipping up classic ramen broths alongside funkier versions, such as Tom Yam and Curry, from time to time. The restaurant's signature however, is a broth made of pork, chicken and fish, creating a unique mix. According to them, their broths are cooked for at least 48 hours to ensure maximum flavour. Keen on checking this place out? Head over to their offical website for more information.

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One of the most recognisable brands in ramen-dom, Ippudo has amassed quite a following for their rich full-flavoured broths. While those familiar with Ippudo will have found their favourite broth by now, the restaurant occasionally releases specials that deserves a trip down just to try them out. Curious as to what's on the specials board now? Head over to Ippudo's official website

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A successful ramen joint with 60 outlets around the world, Bankara has two outlets around KL, one at Avenue K and one at Mid Valley. The ramen shop offers four styles to enjoy ramen, Bankara (their original broth), miso, tonkotsu (pork bone) and tsukemen, with or without their signature pork belly topping. Learn more about the restaurant at the restaurant's official website.

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Located over in Mont Kiara, Taiko serves up Japanese comfort foods – ramen, sushi and yakitori. While the classic ramen broths are available, different types like the Gekikara ramen pictured above, made up of black fungus, bamboo shoot, soft boiled egg, and homemade hot & spicy minced pork, are definitely worth a try. Find out more for yourself at their Facebook page.

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Yet another ramen restaurant boasting to have the best noodles in town, Menzo over in Solaris Mont Kiara specialises in tonkotsu pork ramen, much like Ippudo. Standouts include black sesame and garlic oil and spicy tonkotsu. While Menzo's ramen may not cause you to start preaching their cause, it's a decent addition to the area. The restaurant's Facebook page has more information if you're interested.

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