This progressive modern Indian restaurant continues to evolve their menu with a selection of dishes that aren't only playfully creative, but also serve as delicious new ways to rediscover familiar flavours. If you've dined at Nadodi before, you'll find an admirable cast of new dishes to enjoy. If you've never dined here before, there's no better time like now.

1. Amuse Bouche

Crafted to delight the senses, Nadodi's trio of bite-sizes starters are a diner's first entry point into the restaurant's progressive cuisine. Nadodi's new Q3 menu's amuse bouche takes familiar Indian childhood staples at elevates them to haute cuisine status.

Take this rice curd starter for example, with intense flavours that gets delivered in an elegant manner. The yogurt was tart but the spices present helped to balance it out, especially with the help of pomegranate to add a refreshing citrus crunch.

2. Red Curry

As much art on a plate as it is food, Nadodi's brilliant red curry dish features beetroot done three ways, a sorbet, a crisp and dust, that's finished with coconut and peanuts. There’s a cold sensation that hits the tongue at first from the sorbet but a pleasantly lingering coconut spice follows after. Throughout this battle of hot and cold, a sour pickled beetroot comes from the back, a presence that is wonderfully contrasted by crunchy bits of peanuts that sweetens the flavour profile. Elegant, fun and incredibly delicious, this is easily one of the best dishes we tried.

3. Liquid Degustation

Nadodi offers a special cocktail pairing option with their menus that in our opinion gives the meal extra excitement. Paired with select dishes throughout the meal, these "cocktails" feature inventive vessels, engaging interactions and flavour bombs that are truly delightful. 

Take the restaurant's reinterpretation of a piña colada for example, a bite-sized "cocktail" that features a shot of Malibu housed in a frozen coconut shell that rests atop edible pineapple flavoured snow. Satisfyingly chilly, refreshing and with just the right amount of alcohol, this was a true winner.

4. Breakfast Like A King

This dish requires some assembly but is amazingly fun. The humble breakfast cereal receives a make over that puts lobster front and centre of the meal, that when combined with cereal (fried string hoppers), milk (warm coconut cream) and some condiments, results in a true must have for anyone dining here.

The lobster is sweet and cooked at a texture where it’s soft and crunchy, while the supporting cast is colourful, bright and meaningful to the overall flavour impact. Everything is married with coconut cream, creating a luscious yet impactful sauce that really dials the flavour to 11. 

5. Smoky Catch

Perfectly cooked at a temperature where the fish is juicy but retains that desirable grilled quality, Nadodi's smoky catch features a catch of the day cooked with baduga spice. The leaves on top are sour while the cream itself is sweet, making for a nice balance. Eating the fish with the fruit itself allows you to savour the pickled crunch of the fruit. While it looks uncomplicated, the dish actually has a lot going on flavour wise, making for an unexpected hit from start to finish.

6. Nomads Globe

Nadodi's signature main course also receives a change, this time featuring truffled appalam with chutney, a South Indian "risotto", and quail. A nice assortment of dishes, the risotto may not look flavourful but looks can be deceiving. Take a few bites of the rice and you'll notice a pleasant mix of herbs, nuts and spice to make the dish go a long well with the other main part of the dish – the quail. Salted, spiced and tasty, the quail when taken together with the risotto, strengthens the flavours of the rice, creating a pairing that ends up making the whole dish quite memorable.

7. A Sweet Ending

Served at the end of the meal, this playful take on the humble curry puff feathers a shell made of candy floss that keeps crush pistachios safe from the outside world until its ready for consumption by a satisfied diner. Sweet and nutty, it's a great way to end the meal on an already high note.

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