Lemon Garden introduces an assortment of delicious signature creations from Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur's six speciality chefs, bringing their different areas of expertise for buffet goers to enjoy across a variety of cuisines.

Diners can spot a signature dish by their highlighted presence at their respective sections, thanks to a huge portrait of the chef next to each item that also comes with QR codes to direct diners to dedicated web pages with recipes on how to cook each dish.

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Raclette Cheese

A Swiss dish that has gained the popularity of a rock god in dining scenes around the world, Raclette cheese is now a daily fixture at Lemon Garden thanks to chef Olivier Pistre, taking up space at the European section of the restaurant. It comes served over bread, onion and gherkin pickles, bresaola (air dried beef), boiled young potatoes and a sprinkling of seasoning. It's delicious, mildy sharp, tangy and incredibly gooey, making it a must-have on your plate.

Also on offer from Pistre's portolio? A deliciously thin and crispy spinach calzone and cheesy tortellinis that are also worth your time.

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Double Boiled Chinese Herbal Soup With Black Chicken

Taking up residence at the oriental section of the restaurant, Chef Au Yong Guan presents his signature double boiled soup, a wholesome staple of Chinese cuisine. Ingredients like black chicken, red dates, wolfberries, chicken broth and a combination of herbs are assembled in ceramic urn-like vessels and slow cooked for 4 hours to produce a nourishing starter that should be on everyone's "round 1" buffet list.

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Seafood Big Roll

It seems only natural that the Japanese executive chef of Zipangu, Nao Takeshita, chose sushi roll as his signature offering at Lemon Garden. His maki features a combination of sea bream, salmon, tuna, salmon roe, yellow tail and sweet shrimp, and we haven't yet included the addition of vegetables and Japanese omelette. Flavourful and tasty, especially when eaten with soya sauce and wasabi, it's a great addition to the popular fresh seafood counter at the restaurant.

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Rendang Tok Perak

Who doesn't love the classic hearty Raya staple that is rendang? The chef in charge of the restaurant's Malay creations, Mustafa Kamal, serves up his signature rendang tok dish originating from Perak with a receipe made out of his love for his grandmother. The dish is flavourful, with a spice level that may require those unaccustomed to spicy food to take a few sips of water in between every few bites. When taken with rice or bread, it completes the dish.

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Murgh Kasurimethi

Over at the Indian corner, we have Murgh Kasurimethi from chef Devender Singh. Juicy tender chunks of chicken is cooked with aromatic dried fenugreek leaves and a blend of secret spices from the chef's mother's original recipe for a full-on flavour bomb. Eat it with roti or rice and you will find out why this is sure to be a fast favourite for fans of the cuisine.

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Durian Croquembouche

A French pastry that takes its name from the French phrase "croque en bouche", meaning "something that crunches in the mouth", chef Goh Ti Cheong, the restaurant's chef de cuisine, injects Malaysian flair into his own take. Durian profiteroles are piled into a cone and bound with peanut nougatine and sesame for a tasty dessert treat, one that may see you making another trip to the dessert area for seconds.