Cover Just the sight of these golden orbs of delight is enough to make many Malaysians' mouths water (Photo: Unsplash)

It's the season of the King of Fruits. Here's where you can savour it.

Durian is nature’s way of teaching us never to judge anything by its appearance. Look past its thorny exterior and strong odour, and you’ll find succulent golden orbs of delight. Here's a celebration of this delicacy in all its forms and the six places in the Klang Valley where you can get durian delivered to you. 

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DurianMan SS2

We can’t have a list of local durian places and not mention this landmark. While nothing beats the noisy atmosphere of actually eating here, Durian Man SS2 also offers delivery services. From Udang Merah to Raja Kunyit, there’s something here for every kind of durian enthusiast. 

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There's been a lot of debate about pineapple on pizza. But what about durian? If the thought of the creamy flesh on thick dough crust excites you, try the Musang King Durian Pizza from Durianity. The menu also includes durian crepes, cream puffs and cakes.

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Durian BBPark

Durian BBPark promises its customers an ‘urban durian dining experience’. Its signature is the Durian Platter where five different varieties—namely Kampung Durian, D101, D13, D24 XO, and Musang King—are laid out on a single plate for your indulgence. It's arranged such that you start with the mildest fruit before progressing to more intense flavours. A great place for a first durian adventure—when it's safe to be out and about again. Meantime, savour them via delivery.

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Durian Bear

Durian Bear offers all the usual big names: Musang King, D24, Tekka, and so on. What makes them stand out is their commitment to quality. Their fruits are sourced only from farmers with proven track records, and are delivered to their hub every morning. The durian flesh is vacuum-sealed and placed in a zip lock bag for extra freshness, with guaranteed replacement if you discover otherwise. 

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Purple Monkey Cakes

Known for their exquisite cheesecakes. the Golden Durian Cheesecake is made with seasonal durian pulp and cream cheese. If a whole cake is too much, go for the Little Durian King mini cakes designed to look like the actual fruit. 

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Sumptuous Desserts

This chain of durian dessert kiosks has been around since 2007 and is well-known for its durian pancakes. One look at these puffy pillows of creamy goodness is enough to make your mouth water. We recommend pairing them with Konyaku jellies.

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