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These easy meal kit services deliver fresh recipes and pre-measured ingredients to help cook delicious meals at home easily

You can no longer give the excuse that you have no time to cook. These ready-to-cook sets eliminate the hassle of prepping; all you have to do is turn on the stove and oven, and serve.

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The Daily Chefs

The Daily Chefs offers a wholesome selection of Malaysian Chinese recipes every week. No home-cooked meal is complete without a nourishing bowl of soup, and it's good to know that soup ingredients are also included in the list. Each kit serves up to two, with add-ons like savoury side dishes to sweet soups.


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Bonjuk & Lunch Box Cafe

Korean food is hugely popular here. If you're craving Korean, including its version of rice porridge called bonjuk, this restaurant delivers portioned ingredients to your door. Its Bon Meal Kits are available for stews, marinated pork, knife-cut noodles, and tteokbokki to pair with its signature flavoured bonjuk. 


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The Foodsmith Company

If you're new to cooking and the thought of starting from scratch seems daunting, The Foodsmith Company's meal kits chef it up for your convenience. The frozen food division of Maria's Steakcafe, it is committed to using no preservatives and has kits for Western, Chinese, and Malay meals.


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Staple Dough

Zheng Yi Tan, co-owner of Flakes at The Hub SS2, started Staple Dough as a way for him to share his passion for homemade pastas. "I want people to enjoy it hot and not soggy or cold when it arrived on your table," he says, adding that the pastas are made fresh every day.


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Chef Up

Chef Up offers quick and easy meal kits packed with fresh ingredients, be it for spice-rubbed lamp chops with Brussel sprouts or Ayam Masak Merah. Free delivery to Subang Jaya; the best part is it's available from Monday to Sunday. 


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