Not to worry if you're trying to squeeze back into an old pair of jeans -- here are 5 salad bars at which you can not only up your intake of greens, but build that salad to exactly your liking too.

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Chai Bar

Chai Bar is known for its made-to-order salads with an Asian twist. Offering over 70 ingredients daily, the place has up to 15 different Western and Asian-inspired dressings. If you're in the mood for Thai, the Porntip salad with Thai Som Tam dressing would hit the spot. Feeling like Japanese? Leave it to the California Girls salad with creamy wasabi dressing. Korean food lovers aren't left out either with its Bibimbap salad dressed with sweet Gochujang sauce and topped with sprinkles of kimchi. Find them at Oasis Damansara.


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LifeJuice Salad Bar

Life Juice started out as a cold-pressed juice bar but now has added a shiny new standalone salad bar to its portfolio for those looking for a bite to go with their juices. Fresh and whole ingredients are the focus here, with dressings served on the side so you have the say in how much goes into your salad. If the classic Caesar and Mediterranean salads don't pique your interest, how about a Japanese soba salad, a Vietnamese salad or even one interesting Chindian salad? Its strategic location in the lively Telawi area of Bangsar also means you won't have to go too far out of your way to get your hands on some. Find them on Facebook here


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Simply Green Salad

Hearty and healthy -- there aren't two words more apt to describe this salad bar located inside Fraser Place KL. For all-day energy and goodness, just mix and match from its wide range of greens and protein and you'll have a salad personalised to your exact liking. This place also does deliveries for single and group orders with a 30-minute delivery promise, so worry not if you're not exactly in the area -- it can come to you. Check out their menu here.

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The Salad Atelier

The Salad Atelier is serious in helping you build the ideal salad, no matter what you're craving for. On its menu is one of the most comprehensive range of offerings we've seen, with greens, meats, soy products, nuts and fruits all accounted for. While it does have a recommended menu for beginners who may not really know where to start, the real fun at this place is mixing in a bit of everything (and trust us, you will be spoiled for choice). They also do delivery and pick-up orders to-go for the busy bees. Take a look here.


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The Salad Bar

Salads make up the core offering here but its menu also extends to offer some carbohydrate-based clean eats like pastas and cous cous. Sandwiches, soups and smoothies are also available to make it a complete meal. If you have a special occasion, The Salad Bar also makes made-to-order specialty cakes baked with healthier alternatives. Check them out here.

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