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Brickfields didn't need an official branding to be known as 'Little India'. For the residents who made it their home and the visitors who frequent it, it has always been Little India; a place where Indian fashion, culture and most importantly cuisine can be experienced in all its glory.

1. Annalakshmi

Indian fine dining with a dress code to boot, Annalakshmi is located on the ground floor of the Temple of Fine Arts on Jalan Berhala. With the option of an à la carte menu as well as a buffet, diners can delight in exquisite vegetarian South-Indian cuisine. Annalakshmi also runs a pay-as-you-please restaurant on a sublevel in the rear of the complex called Annalakshmi Riverside, where patrons pay however much they choose for a meal from a smaller buffet. For reservations, visit their official website.

2. Taj Garden

While it may appear to be located on an awkward bend just off Jalan Tun Sambanthan, the restaurant itself -one floor above street level -feels secluded and serene. With indoors and outdoors seating –where it lives up to the “garden” in its name– the restaurant offers up some delicious Indian food, along with some, shall we say ‘experimental’ western dishes. Our advice, stick to the Indian food and you will be satisfied. For a closer look at their menu, check out their website.

3. Jassal Tandoori Restaurant

Most in the Punjabi community know Jassal, or Jesal for its sweets. Although a little costlier than usual, few will argue that their barfi, gulab jamun, ladoo and jelebi aren’t worth it. Not content with just satisfying customers in one location, Jesal’s Sweets often travels and makes appearances at Indian Exhibitions across the country. At their restaurant on Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Jassal also serves up some amazing north Indian food. Find out more on their official Facebook page.

4. Parambriym

Parambriym on Jalan Scott has the distinction of being a part of an international franchise, originating from Chennai. Promising the best of Southern Indian dining, the expansive menu is not one that can be covered in one sitting. Rest assured that you will return to Parambriym after one visit, and with the food coma you’re bound to fall into after a hearty meal, rest you definitely will. For more information, visit the official website.

5. Restaurant Sin Kee

While Brickfields may be Little India, it wouldn’t be Malaysian if it weren’t diverse. In the spirit of that diversity, we’ve named Sin Kee Restaurant, located on Jalan Tun Sambanthan. A hotspot for Chinese food in Brickfields, crowds queue by the dozens to try out some of their signature dishes, including their upside-down bowl of steam rice with stewed pork and vegetables. For a preview of what to expect, visit their official Facebook page.

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