T.Dining was recently invited for a sneak preview of Yun House, Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur's premier Chinese restaurant. Overlooking the iconic KLCC park, the restaurant serves authentic pork-free Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine that manages to excite the palate.

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It Brings Cantonese Cuisine To Haute Cuisine Heights

Yun House is Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur's Chinese restaurant, using top notch organic produce to create an exclusive and luxurious dining experience befitting the hotel's heritage. The restaurant serves classic pork-free Cantonese dishes with a luxe twist, with executive chef Jimmy Wong helming the kitchen with his extensive experience in the hotel F&B industry.

When it comes to ambiance, the restaurant commands an opulent and elegant vibe, with gorgeous floral motifs of the four seasons adorned across walls, a custom made pewter decorative wall to greet you upon entrance, and many more visually attractive decorations and furnishings that makes the restaurant feel modern and classy.

The restaurant will serve dim sum during lunch, as well as set menus for both lunch and dinner. If you prefer to pick and choose, they also have an à la carte menu.

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It Has A Great View Of KL City

Opt to sit next to the window for a sprawling view of the city centre and the KLCC park. Large glass panels make it easy for sunlight to shine in during the day to give the restaurant a bright and vibrant feel. Whether you're looking for a new restaurant to have a romantic dinner or a place to have a fancy business luncheon, Yun House can fit the bill.

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They Serve Authentic Hong Kong Pork-Free Dim Sum

It almost goes without saying that a Hong Kong restaurant would undoubtedly endeavour to serve quality dim sum. T.Dining had the chance to taste a few selections as recommended by the executive chef himself and we really enjoyed it. Yun House's dim sum menu, with highly recommended signatures such as the flavourful steamed charcoal lava bun with a salted egg custard filling and steamed crystal shrimp dumplings, features a concise and varied menu to cater to a range of tastebuds.

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The Menu Is A Rich Collection Of Cantonese Classics & Modern Influences

Take a look at the restaurant's à la carte menu and you'll notice dishes that feature claypot, vegetables, rice and noodles, barbecued meats, live seafood and more. The menu even has a dedicated seafood to items such as abalone, fish maw, sea cucumer and bird's nest. And that's only half of it. You can start with deep fried eggplant with cereal, move on to Peking duck, superior soy sauce cooked fish and braised egg flat noodles with Boston lobster in spicy scallop sauce before ending the meal with one of the restaurant's palatable desserts.

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The Chef Has A Respectable Culinary History

The restaurant's executive chef comes from Hong Kong with a mission to give diners the best Cantonese culinary experience in town. Chef Jimmy Wong brings with him more than 30 years worth of Chinese cooking experience in Hong Kong, China and Singapore. With Yun House, we experienced just that, as chef Wong effortlessly created a smashing lunch experience for us that complemented each other as the meal progressed. 

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