Designed to be a balanced meal and eaten quickly on the go. If all of that sounds like exactly what you're looking for, here are 5 places to grab a poké bowl.

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The art of origami inspires the artfully assembled poké bowl at Paperfish in TTDI. The health-centric eatery builds its bowls with tuna, salmon or shrimp and offers superfood add-ons like flaxseeds, pomegranate seeds and avocado. Visit their official website.

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With over 2 years under its belt and a new location – a few lots down from their previous location at Plaza Damas, Rubberduck celebrates food in a bowl; if not seafood and rice, they love a good smoothie bowl too. Follow them on Instagram.


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Eatomo Food Co. 

Despite only opening its doors in 2016, the top seller at this eatery/fish market is the California Poké Bowl made of calrose rice, salmon, tuna, butterfish, guacamole and spicy mayo. Learn more about Eatomo Food Co on Facebook.

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The Fat Fish 

Another eatery/fish market, the Fat Fish takes the less Hawaiian route with its ‘don’ bowls. The crowd-favourite here is the Barachirashi Don that features meaty cubed salmon, yellowtail, tuna and octopus. Visit them on Facebook.


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The Fish Bowl 

Variety and customisation are the name of the game at The Fish Bowl. Build your own bowl with your choice of rice, your choice of marinated seafood, and your choice of toppings, including some premium ones. Learn more on Facebook.

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