Anyone armed with a recipe and the right ingredients can bake a cake or cookies, but real, nay – true bakers, are part scientists and part artists. No pre-mixes, additives or preservatives here, just artful kneading, rolling and proofing, with that enticing baked aroma as a bonus.

1. The Bread Shop 

Despite its name, The Bread Shop is more that just that yes you can pick up some loafs to go, but also some buttery pastries to chew on-the-go or sit down and help yourself to a hearty breakfast. Learn more about them

2. Tommy Le Baker 

Tommy opts for the traditional route few customers are familiar with -- long fermentation. Some of Tommy's breads proof for days before hitting the oven, making for a firmer but more easily digested bread. Learn more about Tommy

3. Kenny Hills Bakers 

Amidst the aromas that only bakeries provide, you will find all manner of cakes, breads and pastries handmade by the maetros at Kenny Hills Bakers. Some of the goods are also used at their sister restaurant, Kenny Hills Bistor. Learn more

4. Der Backmeister 

I'm not sure if 'Der Backmeister' is German for 'The Bake Master' (because my German starts and stops at 'Prost!') but it should be. Preservative and additive-free freshly baked breads and pastries are the stars here. Learn more

5. Huckleberry Food and Fare 

Before Huckleberry after Dark quenches your thirst, Huckleberry in the day is a place to satisfy your hunger for carbs with some interesting French breads, Danishes and loafs, like the apply pie loaf. Learn more about them

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