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These sustainability-driven companies also got your concerns about food safety covered

As the country cautiously reopens after a long period of lockdown, many are still hesitant to go out and want to avoid long queues at the markets for their week's worth of fresh vegetables. The pandemic has also taught us to eat more healthily, and food safety has become one of our top concerns. 

If you're one of them, and would like to find out where you can get farm-fresh and clean produce delivered to your doorsteps, here are five places to check out.

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1. Homegrown Farms

This award-winning sustainable farm started with the simple mission to provide fresh, unprocessed organic produce. They offer a subscription plan that sheaves up a balanced combination of locally grown vegetables on weekly rotation. It is a nutrient-dense mystery bag curated from their freshest harvest, from leafy greens and herbs to flowers, and delivers right to your door with zero plastic packaging.

Homegrown Farms also wants to empower communities through clean farming and growing your own food. Check out the classes on their website for that family farming in your own backyard. 

Delivery hours: Once a week on Wednesday and Thursday. Pick-up at The Hive shops in Klang Valley.



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2. Boomgrow

When it comes to clean greens, BoomGrow eliminates pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides in their germinating process. The smart farm repurposes old shipping containers into 'machine farms' and plants them within the local community to limit travel distance. They offer the freshest picks from the farm for delivery within the hours of harvest. Its website has a helpful guide on how to cook to get the most benefits from the vegetables. 

Delivery hours: 12pm-7pm, Monday to Saturday based on location. 



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3. TheVegetableCo.

Quality and sustainability are a priority at this tech-based modern indoor farm that perfects plant growth under customizable LED lights. The pandemic-born startup takes pride in its controlled environment agriculture method, ensuring its vegetables reach optimal size, taste, and nutritional value. TheVegetableCo lets us indulge in health with an all-inclusive box of leafy goodness, promising a satisfactory crunch with every bite from the best of the crop. 

Delivery hours: Sunday to Friday. Free same day delivery before 12pm. 



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4. Cultiveat

Cultiveat delivers on its promise, "as fresh as it gets". The vegetable's journey from the farm to table loses no nutrients in the process, as they are dropped off as live plants sitting in water-filled biodegradable cartridges. The weather-regulated indoor farm exercises sustainability and nurtures zero-pesticides and GMO-free vegetables. Safe and ready to munch on when it's harvest at mealtime.

Delivery hours: Daily. Offers same-day delivery.



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5. Urban.treat

Two sisters with a shared goal to restore our Earth through sustainable farming launched Urban.treat in mid-August. They are grown on a rooftop in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. A three-combo box of tender greens will satisfy your tummy cravings for a month.

Delivery hours: Daily



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