How lucky are we to be living in an age when living healthy can also be delicious -- just look at the clean meals and cold-pressed juices that are now available. We can't think of a single down side to the smoothie bowl -- they're delicious, nourishing and absolutely pretty to look at.

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Acai Lab

This first acai cafe in Malaysia opened just last month makes smoothie bowls, cold-pressed juices, chips and more using one star ingredient of -- yup, you've guessed -- acai. Everything is all-natural and home-made here so you know where to go the next time you need a healthy dose of dessert.

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On top of its famed eclairs and madeleines, there's even more reason to visit Rubberduck now. It has added smoothie bowls to its already largely healthy menu and it comes with goodness like homemade granola, Hawaiian coconut flakes and organic flaxseed. Get yours here.

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Goodness Greens

The La Juiceria team has expanded and now boasts a standalone salad bar where you'll also find the perfect smoothie bowl accompaniments. We don't know about you but this acai berry bowl looks like the perfect sweet end to a healthy salad meal. Pop by here.


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Impressed is also diversifying and allowing you something to bite into to go with its cold-pressed juices. It's got a good list of pre-made flavours but make-your-own options are available too so you can make the ultimate smoothie bowl of your choice. Have a look here.


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Pickle & Fig 

If you'd like coffee to go with your smoothie bowl, Pickle & Fig scores on both. This comes with an already well-established menu of other savoury mains like panini sandwiches and brunch items. Make your next brunch with friends colourful and healthy here.

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