When you are looking for a fine food feast, one thing that usually comes to mind is to indulge in a good piece of steak. But with all the cuts and varieties sourced from different countries, which ones will truly satiate the carnivore in you? Well, we’ve done the hard work and rounded up five of the best restaurants to satisfy your cravings for a thick and juicy steak.


CUT easily makes the cut as one of the best steak restaurants in town. A dining concept by celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck, it serves as a platform to showcase his expertise with the grill.

Catering to the true steak connoisseur, it offers choices that range from Australian Angus to Wagyu selections from USA, Australia and Japan. The options are made even better with the addition of the Japanese A5 Kobe beef. Hailing from the Hyogo Prefecture, it’s widely known and savoured for its superb meat characterised by its rich marbling and buttery texture.

Fat Cow

Hidden within the Camden Medical Centre, which is just a stone’s throw away from Orchard, is Fat Cow. Known as a beef atelier, the restaurant serves a wide range of meat sourced from countries such as the US, Australia and Japan. The latter is where its specialty comes from – the OHMI Grade A4 Ribeye from the Shiga prefecture. Highly prized in Japan, the steak has the right amount of marbling that melts in the mouth.

While this is good on its own, a truly Fat Cow experience wouldn’t be complete without trying other non-meat Japanese dishes such as the Momotaro Sashimi Salad, made with fresh slices of Japanese tomatoes and drizzled with tangy sauce, as well as the truffle mushrooms served carpaccio style. These are enjoyed in an intimate restaurant setting that stays true to the Japanese minimalist style.

Morton’s The Steakhouse

When it comes to good steaks, Morton’s is a legend. Established in Chicago in 1978, it now has 74 locations worldwide, and luckily for us, one restaurant is situated on the fourth level of Mandarin Oriental.

Already on the Singapore food scene for a decade, foodies still flock to this restaurant to have a taste of its offerings. Well, they have a good reason to, especially with its prime USDA Prime Black Angus beef that comes in different sizes and cuts. A favourite since day one is the Prime Ribeye – grain fed and aged for a certain period to produce a high quality meat with the right amount of fat. Enjoy it like a purist or be more adventurous with the Cajun version.

Opus Bar & Grill

A relative newcomer to the steak scene in Singapore, Opus Bar & Grill is making a name for itself as one of the best restaurants to visit for some delicious steak. Headed by Danish chef Rene Knudsen, he makes sure that it’s worth the trip by delighting diners with a number of offerings that range from appetisers, main courses to the Opus beef varieties.

The latter remains the restaurant’s specialty, with choices such as the Australian Angus ribeye and tenderloin, as well the Wagyu Ribeye Marble Score 6. These are dry-aged for 14 to 36 days in the restaurant’s special cabinet lined with Himalayan salts. The additional process ensures that the aroma is infused in the meat, and when it’s grilled, it adds a different layer of flavour.


For a classic steakhouse, look no further than Wooloomooloo. Located on the third level of the chic Swissotel Stamford Hotel, this restaurant has the reputation of serving some of the finest meats in town.

On the menu, there’s an impressive list of choices such as the Australian Black Angus, as well as the USDA Prime Beef. Available in a variety of different cuts, one of the crowd favourites is still the USDA Prime Ribeye. The 12 ounce steak is grilled by chefs to achieve that slightly-charred exterior, but the inside remains tender with a pinkish hue. This comes with four types of sauces to enhance the overall taste.

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