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Welcome to Foodie Finds, a series spotlighting notable dishes and drinks on the delivery circuit. We ask epicures from wide-ranging industries to share reliable word-of-mouth recommendations.

Visual designer Nat Andrea Ng is a soft-spoken, tattooed and pierced reminder that every well-oiled machine is made up of countless cogs. Not everyone in the food and beverage industry may handle comestibles directly; nevertheless, each has his or her role to play. Ng, for one, creates easily recognisable, retro marketing materials for F&B establishments.

"Retro is right," she says with regards to her signature style. "A lot of my influence comes from old packaging, posters and stamps. I think what sets me apart is the fact that I make many things by hand, which lends a different quality to my work."

Despite being an unfussy diner, Ng still has her favourites when it comes to eating and drinking locally. "My suggestions might seem like a plug of sorts, but I hope that's okay!" she admits honestly. "Many of my design clients are also places that I frequent."

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1. Dáo

My order from here is pretty simple and straight-forward: the Dáo Fu Fah with ginger or chrysanthemum syrup. Dáo usually serves their soy bean pudding warm, but I keep mine in the fridge first, as I like it cold. They recently released a new green tea range in collaboration with Oh Cha Matcha, so now they have matcha, hojicha and genmaicha products. 

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2. Coley

Coley has recently been making beef jerky in small batches, so they tend to sell out fast. I finished off my pack in just two days. Because of the ingredients in the marinade, like soy sauce and Jim Beam Bourbon, you have these interesting notes.

I know they also relaunched their Makan At Home food deliveries, and by partnering with Chef Logan from Wurst are offering things like sandwiches, risotto and pies.

As far as bottled cocktails go, I like their Koktel range. If you've ever been to Coley, you have probably tried a cocktail from this series, which appears on the very first page of their menu.

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3. Coffeeboy

Instead of ordering delivery, I just walk over to Coffeeboy Club in The Gasket Alley to takeaway food sometimes. Their coffee is really affordable, and they also do cold brews. Right now, I'm a fan of their vegetarian sandwich with tempeh, tofu and kuah kacang (peanut sauce). This new product is absolutely dreamy: it's packed with protein and is so filling that you can (and I do) save the other half for my next meal.

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4. Mean Mince

I can't miss Mean Mince's deep-fried burger whenever I go there, but I also like their peanut butter milkshake. They go well together, and that's pretty much what I order all the time. They also do deep-dish pizzas.

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5. mybrowniecat

I recently ordered a batch of brownies from these home bakers, who first started making and selling brownies to raise funds for their cat's surgery. I think they decided to continue the business because of good reviews. They are fellow creatives I first met at Riuh, and when I saw that they had gotten into baking, I decided to support them.

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