Welcome to Foodie Finds, a series spotlighting notable dishes and drinks on the delivery circuit. We ask epicures from wide-ranging industries to share reliable word-of-mouth recommendations.

Performer Joshua Anthony Gui is a proud Penangite. There's no place with better food for this dancer, singer, actor and vocal coach, who always embarks on a gluttonous spree whenever he's back home. 

Since he has been working in Kuala Lumpur, Gui has discovered a few favourites here. "During the MCO, I usually cook at home but when I have the occasional cravings, I'm not a fussy eater," he says with a laugh.

While a recent foray into fitness has made him pickier of his culinary choices, there's always room for his favourite foods. This performer needs all the energy he can get for all the time he spends under the spotlight. He has played major roles in such theatre productions as Sepet The Musical, Love Story and Next To Normal. You might have even seen him in one of his whimsical Belle In KL videos on social media. In this instalment of 5 Foodie Finds, Gui recommends his favourite places to feed the tummy.

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1. A Pie Thing

I usually purchase their frozen pies in bulk. Pop them in the oven for 45 minutes to one hour and, voila!, a wholesome meal for post-work indulgence. My favourite is the Pulled Lamb Pie. I love the tender meat and flavoursome juicy filling in the crusty pastry. For sweet pies, my go-to is the Matcha Pie.

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2. Papasan Canteen

I'm a regular visitor here because of their really fast service and, of course, fresh foods. I will always order the sashimi salad, which may seem basic but the sashimi slices are generously thick in comparison to most franchised outlets. The wasabi dressing always makes my nasal cavity very happy! 

I'd also recommend the Omu Curry Rice that comes with four sizeable pieces of fried chicken, which is a bargain at RM18.

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3. Fino Pizza

Movie nights are made simple and extra memorable with their woodfire pizzas. Their Quattro Fomaggi fills my cheesy humour-loving soul. Slab on some blue cheese and that's a winner for me. The cheesiness is well-balanced with the bursts of sweetness from charred onions and honey, and the nutty texture of walnuts. 

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4. Wild Yeast Bakery

This is my go-to sourdough place for my week's consumption. I can't get enough of olives, hence the olive baguette is a natural choice for me. And if I am able to spend a little more, their flaky croissants are great.

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5. Beef Bowl SS15

I stayed with a Vietnamese family for a few months, and every Thursday would be pho night. I would come home to this wondrous aroma of delicately cooked stock, fresh herbs and spices. This place reminds me of that period. Its delicious beef broth is a reminder of how a warm embrace from loved ones feels like, especially during these times.

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