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With no end in sight for the 'lockdown lifestyle', we're going the word of mouth route by asking five food writers to share their favourite food delivery options

1. Bread from Twenty-Two Bakery & Beverages from Wild Kombucha

Having produced disastrous (and explosive) results while experimenting with sourdough starters during lockdown, I found ordering bread from Twenty-Two Bakery was a far more pleasing and hassle-free alternative. It’s incredibly comforting and reassuring to have a freezer full of weighty, high-quality sliced sourdough packed with nuts, seeds or figs that you can toast and drench in salted butter whenever you’re peckish.

Wild Kombucha has become another staple of mine. The minute CMCO was announced, I immediately placed an order for several bottles, and then dashed into the shops for a bottle of rosé. One of my best lockdown discoveries is that rosé and kombucha go extremely well together (you can throw in some ice cubes and bruised mint or basil leaves), and make for a light, refreshing tipple. Wild Kombucha has a wide range of flavours, out of which my favourites are White Tea and Lavender Lemonade.

— Renyi Lim, luxury lifestyle writer


Twenty-Two Bakery: Message via Instagram

WildKombucha: Order online

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2. Khao Soi from Bref, Katsu Sando from Kikubari & 'KFC' from Junglebird

A few places have outdone themselves, including Bref by Darren Chin. One of my favourite dishes of his is the khao soi. The flavours of the Northern Thai curry broth and mix of crispy and soft noodles make for the most authentic Thai food I’ve had in a while.

I am also a big fan of the Ebi Katsu Sando from Kikubari with its golden battered prawn mince and coleslaw sandwiched between matcha bread. Just delectable.

Another of my favourite things to order during CMCO is Junglebird's 'KFC' (kunyit fried chicken). They're among my favourite chicken wings in town, and go great with the bar's Strawberries & Cream cocktail.

Nicholas Ng, founder of Food For Thought


Bref's Khao Soi: WhatsApp Chef Darren Chin at +6012 223 2991

Kikubari: Order online

JunglebirdOrder online

3. Falafel Wraps from Halab, Salted Egg Sandwiches from Dewakan & Hokkien Mee from Old Klang Road

My three delivery recommendations are easy if you live in KL. Halab's falafel wrap is delicious—a mix of lettuce, tomato, diced pickles, and perfectly seasoned falafel. It’s also relatively inexpensive, with the small-sized wrap at RM5.75 and the large one at RM9.20, and doubles as a meat-free meal. Make sure you ask for garlic sauce!

Secondly, I’d go for Dewakan’s ham tan sotong (salted egg squid) sandwich, which you'll find in the restaurant's new casual takeaway menu. The sandwich consists of a pillowy potato and onion bun, deep-fried squid, sour gherkins, green chilli, an umami salted egg sauce, and an added layer of crunch from lettuce. So satisfying.

Lastly, I say go for something local, such as Old Klang Road Hokkien Mee. Cheap and tasty, the Hokkien noodles here have very decent wok hei and makes for a fantastic supper after a few drinks.

— Tien Chew, food blogger at Chew On This


Halab: Via GrabFood

Dewakan: WhatsApp +6012-789 6720

Old Klang Road Hokkien Mee: Via GrabFood

4. Sichuanese Stir-Fries from HotPot Kitchen, Burgers from myBurgerLab & Spam Rice Bowls from Li

As a creature of habit, I mostly gravitate to the same spots for food delivery: Hotpot Kitchen, myBurgerLab, and Li.

You can't keep me away from my stir-fried, dry mala. Hotpot Kitchen always hits the spot and has a great variety of meat and vegetables. You can choose to have noodles or rice or none. I usually opt for the first level of spiciness, but it's enough to get me sweating buckets.

For a cheat meal, I always pick myBurgerLab's classic Lab Burger, a no-frills cheeseburger with a juicy beef patty, cheddar cheese, and onion jam. It's really the sweetness of the onion jam that makes this simple burger stand out.

Finally, Li is my pick when I need some comfort food after a trying day at work. My favourite? The Housemade Spam Rice Bowl. Just think of spam topped with seaweed butter, a soft-boiled egg with a side of the restaurant's iconic chilli sauce over rice.

— PohNee Chin, food, travel & drinks editor

TATLER TIP: You can now add Li's homemade spam to your own home cooked dishes; each 450g block is vacuum packed and will keep for a while in the fridge.


HotPot Kitchen: Via GrabFood

myBurgerLab: Via GrabFood

Li Damansara Jaya: Via Beepit

5. Fried Bakes from Jojo's

A dish I discovered while exploring the outskirts of Queens, New York, the Fried Bake is a staple of (poor) college students. Affordable and hearty, this fried bread is largely eaten in Trinidad and Tobago, and was unattainable for Malaysians until Afro-Caribbean restaurant Joloko introduced its delivery division Jojo's. Unlike my pal Poh Nee, I rarely order the same food twice. So the sheer fact that Jojo's is saved to my 'Favourites' on GrabFood says something.

What does it taste like? Picture using XXL 'yau char kwai' to sandwich a variety of fillings, from spiced barracuda to pork and Mexican mole. Despite Jojo's generous fillings, the bake is always sturdy enough for me to hold the sandwich one-handedly while I continue typing away on my keyboard with the other hand. Am I doing it right now? Maybe. Such is the beauty of a well-designed sandwich.

— Samantha Lim, project editor of Tatler Dining

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Jojo's by Joloko: Via GrabFood


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