Craving for the flavours only Thai street food can bring to the table? We've got 12 restaurants in the Klang Valley to satisfy that craving with a varied list.

1. Streat Thai (Pork-Free)

With outlets at Jaya One and Tesco Kepong, Streat Thai prides themselves on having a team of cooks and baristas recruited from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pattaya, Nakhon Ratchasima, Bangkok and Hat Yai. With such credentials, you can expect authentic eats that span a wide range of dishes, including curries, noodles, fried rice, tom yum and so much more. Take a look at what they have at their official website.

2. Mr Tuk Tuk (Pork-Free)

With a handful of outlets sprawled across the Klang Valley, with the latest at The Starling Mall, Mr Tuk Tuk welcomes healthy lunch and dinner crowds on most days for their affordable yet tasty Thai street eats. If you're looking for your particular favourite, there's a strong chance you can find it here. Hop on over to their Facebook page for more information.

3. Boat Noodle (Pork-Free)

Boat noodle is the ultimate Thai street food dish. From a single store in March 2014 to 47 outlets across the country, the epynomous restaurant featurs a focused and concise menu that highlights the delicious noodle that has since become a sensation in Malaysia. The fun of it all is that it's impossible to have just one bowl and be full, so diners will get to try a variety of flavours until they're satisfied. Find out which outlet is closest to you at their official website.

4. Absolute Thai Street Food (Pork-Free)

One of the many restaurants under the Absolute Thai umbrella that seems to have a wide reach in most major shopping destinations, their outlet at the The Gardens on the lower ground floor is different from the rest in that it puts a focus on Thai pork-free street food. Beef noodles and pineapple fried rice are popular orders and it's a good option to keep the restaurant in mind when you're in the area and craving for the cuisine. Find out more at their official website.

5. Thailicious

Billed as a boat noodle and street food haven, those looking to get their Thai food fix in the Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas area can do so at Thailicious. With a decently priced menu and opening hours that stretches on past most other eateries, this is definitely an option to look out if you're looking for an authentic Thai place to have supper. Discover more information at their Facebook page.

6. Frame Thai

Given the seal of approval by haute cuisine chef Darren Chin of acclaimed DC Restaurant, Frame Thai is as authentic and no-frills as you can get. Located in SS17 PJ, the restaurant serves up classic dishes cooked by Thais themselves using Thai ingredients, ensuring a satisfyingly delicious meal at a relatively low-key establishment.

7. Go Thai

Setting up shop at Atria Shopping Gallery and SS2, Go Thai focuses on Isan street food, the nation's Northeastern province, which is apparently one of Thailand's most prominent regional cuisines. Prices are reasonable and pork dishes are stars on the menu, including roasted pork skewers called moo ping. Head over to their Facebook page to learn more.

8. Boran Classic Thai Street Food

Specialising in Thai street food from the Chonburi province of Thailand, where the famous holiday destination Pattaya is located, the restaurant has two outlets – one in PJ Seapark and the other in Subang Jaya. The place is run by a Thai lady, so you'll know the flavours will be legitimate, with pork rice and noodles dishes often filling tables throughout the day. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

9. Jatujak Bangkok Street Food

Relative newcomer to the Thai food scene, this Ara Damansara restaurant takes its name from the famous market in Bangkok and tries to live up to its namesake. Judging from the response of Malaysian food critics online, they've had quite a pleasant experience so far. The restaurant has a healthy number of items on the menu and is reasonably priced, so expect it to increase in popularity and traffic as time progresses. See what's all the fuss about at their Facebook page.

10. I'm Spicy

Definitely true to its name, this fancier-than-the-last restaurant serves up delicious yet spicy Thai street food. Pork noodles, skewers, mango sticky rice and lemongrass coolers are popular orders that deserve a mention. Be warned and order your food with a little less spice if you want tasty Thai eats that doesn't require a pitcher of water on standby. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

11. BBQ Thai Street Food

Barbeque. Thai. Street. Food. If that doesn't sell you on the idea, perhaps the large open aired area the restaurant occupies at Old Klang Road might. Expect deliciously grilled cuts of meat and seafood complete with Thai dipping sauces to go alongside familiar favourites and Thai beer. Perfect for a weekend feast with friends, find out what to expect at their Facebook page.

12. Thai Camp

Yet another Thai street food restaurant worth a visit in PJ, I know, there are many, Thai camp serves up a Chiang Mai specialty that you may have never tried – khao soi kai, crispy noodles in coconut curry and stewed pork noodles. Also very reasonably priced, you can learn more about the restaurant at their Facebook page.

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