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You won't find chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream on this list

An uptick in ice cream parlours in the Klang Valley inspired us to curate this list of previously undreamed-of flavours. While what constitutes as 'unique' differs from one person to the next, one thing's for certain: the following creative flavours are 'new classics' in their own right.

1. Charcoal Vanilla

Forever a favourite of fashion designers, the colour black boasts less appeal on dining tables. Even so, Kind Kones's Charcoal Ice Cream—a shocking contrast to their bevy of colourful scoops—remains one of the plant-based ice cream parlour's most popular flavours, possibly due to activated charcoal's alleged health properties.

2. Haw Flakes

First rolled out during Chinese New Year 2021, this seasonal flavour by Inside Scoop is light on fruit notes and heavy on nostalgia—after all, many a Chinese Malaysian grew up snacking on Haw Flakes, a Chinese candy flavoured with hawthorn berries or shan zha in Mandarin.

DID YOU KNOW? The packaging for Haw Flakes is meant to mimic that of Chinese firecrackers.

3. Blue Planet

If Kind Kones had a mascot, this should be it—what better way to express the brand's commitment to our planet? The genius behind this flavour only manifests itself when the ice cream is presented as a perfectly spherical scoop. Madagascan vanilla ice cream dyed with butterfly pea flowers represents our oceans whereas matcha cake chunks stand in for spans of land.

4. Black Truffle

Deliciously heady but not overpoweringly so, the Black Truffle ice cream at Champignons at Oasis was one of Chef Gary Chang's successful lockdown experiments. Chang even experimented with a porcini mushroom ice cream, which we happily paired with olive oil croutons at home.

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5. Spicy Lychee Fish Sauce

Speaking of savoury ice creams, this one-of-a-kind flavour by Minus 4 Degrees garnered our interest ever since we spotted a version of it at Joloko. Extremely choosy about the quality of her ingredients, Chef Sarah Tan, a protégé of Dewakan's, uses a Thai brand of fish sauce that lends the ice cream an umami, caramelised finish.

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6. Somersby Watermelon

Beat the heat with The Ice Cream Bar's brand new Somersby Watermelon Sorbet, which is also suitable for the lactose intolerant. The last time we checked, customers who purchase a pint of this flavour get a complimentary can of Somersby Watermelon. 

7. Pulut Tai Tai

Named after one of our favourite kuih, this creamy, coconut-laced gelato at Piccoli Lotti is easily identified by its bright blue swirls, but fret not about artificial food colouring—the gelateria is known for using natural food dyes and ingredients.

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8. Pei Pa Koa

Caught a chesty cough but craving ice cream? We've found a loop hole in Pun's Ice Cream's Pei Pa Koa ice cream, which was specially created for their pals at Fifty Tales noodle bar.

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9. Caviar

Chef Euwie's madcap experiments at Pun's Ice Cream might not sound right on paper, but just wait until they hit your palate. Served with butter sables in mimicry of caviar served atop crackers, their caviar ice cream brought out the best in T'lur's briny sturgeon roe. The ice cream parlour even swapped their usual ice cream tubs for T'lur's iconic black and gold tins.

10. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Another creative concept brought to you by the same tastemakers behind Joloko and Chocha Foodstore, Licky Chan & the Poke Guy is a desserts specialist and a tattoo parlour rolled into one. While most of their ice creams lie on the experimental spectrum, Knockin' On Heaven's Door (ghost pepper, Koch El Mezcal and chocolate) speaks for the founders' love of fiery flavours.

Stay tuned for full feature on Licky Chan & The Poke Guy.

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