Dim sum doesn't get more fun than at Yü by Ruyi, Lyn Siew's new passion project at The Gardens Mall. During our pilgrimage to the contemporary Chinese restaurant, we found the team in a creative frenzy. Chef James Ho, a decorated chef from RUYI & LYN, was dishing out dumplings by the dozen, while mixologist Zeff Osman kept getting churning out cocktails more beautiful than the last. Both steamed and pan-fried dim sum range between RM8-28 per plate—a steal considering the use of premium ingredients such as Wagyu beef and sturgeon caviar. The hot and cold dishes too, command respect. Scroll through the gallery for a visual feast!

Expansion Into Mid Valley City And Melbourne

Change, a constant in any industry but especially in F&B, is just around the bend for restaurateur Lyn Siew. RUYI & LYN, her semi-eponymous restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Centre, will be purely focus on events in a year or two. But fans of the eatery need not fret; RUYI & LYN's top kitchen staff have been relocated to Yü by Ruyi, along with iconic dishes such as Ruyi's Nasi Lemak Sushi.

More glad tidings are in store: via a collaboration with Calia Collective, the restaurant group will set up shop in Melbourne this December 2018! Seating some 200 diners, YU Kitchen has found a home in Chadstone Shopping Centre, purportedly the largest luxury mall in the Land Down Under. Keep your eyes peeled for crossover events starring Malaysian and Australian chefs at Yü by Ruyi and YU Kitchen!

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Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems

"The meaning of this cocktail," says chief mixologist Zeff with an air of mystery, "Is that today is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow.” Though certain the title was plucked from a Lana Del Ray song, I take it to mean that I should bear no guilt about drinking at 3PM on a Monday. The use of fresh ingredients (dragonfruit, cold pressed strawberry syrup, elderflower syrup, lemon and egg white) change my mind about vodka-based cocktails for the better.

The Koi

All of Yü's cocktails are priced at RM38+, save for one. Describing The Koi (RM50+) as "an elemental cocktail," Zeff sought out ingredients that would represent earth’s four elements: bird’s nest (air), Earl Grey-infused cardamom (earth), caviar and ebiko (water), and gold leaf (fire). Expect a pleasantly tangy beverage with a slightly gelatinuous mouthfeel, owing to the bird's nest.

Flower Pillow

We spend more time gazing at the Flower Pillow than we do eating it. Evocative of an English garden bed or a coral reef, the cold tofu dish is as textural as it is colourful. Not the cacophony I feared but a pleasing chorus, the combination of crunchy caviar, juicy blackberries, dessicated oats, walnuts, and crushed peanuts does justice to the mild-flavoured matcha tofu, which could aspire to be smoother, but all in all—a dish with great potential to reach fine dining standards.

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Sweet Chilli Crabs In Toasted Mantao & The Golden Puff

A future classic in the making, the 'hands-free' Singapore Chilli Crab Mantao gives you all the goodness of a hearty seafood dinner without having to de-shell a single crustacean; take note if you've just splurged on a manicure. The Golden Puff, essentially foie gras and chicken enrobed in puff pastry, pales in comparison; more foie gras, we always say!

Pekingnese Princess

“I've had to sacrifice my calories to get this dish right!” laughs Lyn, for which we thank her profusely. The crackle of crispy duck skin and caviar, the dollops of smooth foie gras mousse, and the tasteful touches of gold leaf feel like a right royal treat.

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Wagyu Puff & Crispy Swan

Equal parts ornamental and delectable, the Wagyu Puff and Crispy Swans are stuffed with Wagyu beef in a black pepper sauce and moist duck meat with crunchy water chestnuts. Fabricated from a crunchy pastry, both the bulls' horns and the swans' graceful necks are 100% edible.

Crackling Wagyu Hor Fun

It's not often that chefs pay heed to the auditory nature of dishes; hence our surprise when our noodles began to pop and crackle like a log on a fireplace. A dish that encompasses all five senses, the Wagyu Hor Fun takes taste, smell, sight, touch and sound into account.

Bonus Dish: The Steamin' XXL Dim Sum Basket

A feast for 2 to 4 diners, this head-turning platter comes with a catch: only 10 diners per month get to tuck into the spread. Visit Yü's Instagram page to participate in their social media giveaways, or dine-in on any given day of the week to order from their vast à la carte menu.

Rü by Ruyi is located by the Riverview Entrance of The Gardens Mall. Dim sum and lunch is served from 11am-4pm daily while dinner rolls out from 6pm-midnight (last call at 10.30pm). For more information, visit Yü by Ruyi's Facebook page or ring 03 2202 2602.

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