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Mon – Sun 06:30-23:00

This coffee shop at the Island Shangri-la is one of the most popular buffet restaurants in Admiralty

Tatler Says

Café Too well deserves its reputation as one of the best buffets in Hong Kong, and it is hugely popular – every table is filled, mostly with large family parties and tourists. The vast array of cuisine reflects the predominantly Asian clientele, and while a good selection of western cuisine is available, it is the various Asian food stations that draw the crowds. Highlights of the dinner buffet include halves of Boston lobster oozing tomalley (the lobster’s digestive glands, considered a delicacy), single steamer baskets of xiao long bao, and luxurious scallop shells with seared foie gras and leek. Also save room for the wonderful double-boiled Chinese soup. The a la carte likewise leans towards Asian comfort favourites such as nasi goreng and Hainanese chicken rice, though the ubiquitous cafe burger also makes a well-rendered appearance, served with a generous array of condiments.



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