Cover The newest Tatler Dining Guide to Hong Kong is served (Photo: Gavin Yeung/Tatler Dining)

The latest edition features more than 250 exceptional restaurants and bars, and marks the return of our annual Tatler Dining 20 list and Best of the Year awardees

Times are tough right now, most certainly. Looking back, we can say that 2021 was something of a comeback year for Hong Kong’s F&B industry, defined by a renewed sense of vibrancy and determination that has triumphed over the preceding periods of challenges triggered by Covid-19 and social unrest. It was a bittersweet year, too—one that saw a number of closures, as well as talents leaving the city permanently, adding sobering moments to the gradual recovery of the industry that has been punctuated with high profile openings and ambitious new projects. While travel plans continued to be stunted for much of the year, the upside has been a newfound sense of appreciation for our local heroes—the tastemakers who roll with the punches and make the most of the situation, seeing opportunities in the challenges that they have been presented with. The restaurants and bars that have opened this past year—and those that have continued to flourish— have added colour to the culinary landscape, offering solace and escape in a time defined by restrictions.

With current dining restrictions in place until April 20 earliest, it's hard not to fear for the worst as the industry battles the fifth wave. We hope, however, that the guide will continue to inspire readers to support their favourite restaurants during these uncertain times. 

This year’s edition of the Tatler Dining Guide comes filled with stories of resilience, and much needed humour to see us through. Our Dining Editor, Gavin Yeung, challenges readers to a game of ‘Who Wants to Be a Food Influencer?’, as well as penning a deep dive into the underrepresented category of Cantonese spirits, which is due for a revival. Iconic chefs and mixologists in Hong Kong share objects of great importance to them, while the industry’s leading lights divulge their nuggets of advice for a post-post-pandemic landscape. 

The Tatler Dining team and external reviewing panel reviewed more than 250 restaurants and bars over the past year, so that you can trust each and every write-up that goes into the guide. For those short of time, we recommend flipping to our Ultimate Dining Cheatsheet at front of book to get the lowdown on the best restaurants to head to for any occasion. The highly anticipated Tatler Dining 20 list, as well as the Best of the Year awardees, are all profiled in the guide. 

This year’s edition also marks a new initiative for the Tatler Dining guides regionally, which taps into the local talent in each of our markets to feature a bespoke illustration inspired by each city’s culinary culture. In Hong Kong, we’re pleased to have Hong Kong-based illustrator Mandy Mackenzie Ng, whose evocative painting is inspired by hours of family dim sum.

As the city faces yet more challenges and setbacks, we’re once again reminded of the roots of the word ‘restaurant’ itself, which derives from restaurer, or to restore—a testament to the nourishment, both mental and physical, that a good meal out can provide. We hope that this year’s guide will inspire you to support the F&B industry, with no reservations.

The Tatler Dining Guide 2022 Hong Kong edition is available at all good bookstores and online

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