An estimated 300 guests enjoyed an evening of food and fun at Malaysia Tatler’s first T. Dining Best Restaurants awards night at Zebra Square. A myriad of UOB Malaysia and Lexus LC500 photo-spot setups proved a popular pitstop at the foyer.

Food was supplied from 4 live cooking stations by Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur, Soul Society, Good Food Trio and Kumar’s. MHD: Hennessy cocktails fuelled the crowd as they enjoyed a series of musical performances. The 10 award winners, who arrived chauffeured by Lexus cars, each received a crystal Liuligongfang trophy in a lively ceremony. The evening slowly wound down: with a Kens Apothecary goodie bag in hand, guests were safely ferried home by Uber.

Photos: Shaffiq Farhan, Shahrul Azhar Shahbudin and Mahathir Ramli Kamaruddin

'gallery right' 'gallery right'
'gallery right' 'gallery right'
Photo 1 of 71 Amin Haziq and Sharon Soon
Photo 2 of 71 Florence Fang and Ganesh Muren
Photo 3 of 71 Eugene Liew and Soey Saw
Photo 4 of 71 Yefpri Shafii, Mah Oi Kah, Shohei Matsui and Yusuke Nishioka
Photo 5 of 71 Nico Jullien and Nikki Law
Photo 6 of 71 Tuan Li Tat, Sherlyn Cheah, Lixiu and Alex Cheah
Photo 7 of 71 Soo Shea Pin
Photo 8 of 71 Denise Chiew and William Sin
Photo 9 of 71 Boon Lee, Alex Castaldi and Grace Chan
Photo 10 of 71 Matthias Kindl, Ricky Thein, Pauline Chan and Lee Suk Hui
Photo 11 of 71 Hannah Kam and Zuleeka Zulkifli
Photo 12 of 71 Romain Fabre and Eunice Siaw
Photo 13 of 71 Rui Yang Monico and Datin Zila Malek
Photo 14 of 71 Hans and Jas Gill
Photo 15 of 71 Isadora Chai and Iskandar Razak
Photo 16 of 71 Indah Jonasson
Photo 17 of 71 Evan Loh and Michelle Tan
Photo 18 of 71 Izzah Chudi and Nadia Anwar Tan
Photo 19 of 71 Dato' Joneser Choi and Christine Cheah
Photo 20 of 71 Karen Yung and Shaun Liew
Photo 21 of 71 Vincent Tan and Shaine Wong
Photo 22 of 71 Choong Khee Cheong, PY Liew, Cassie Wong and Zack Yuzairi
Photo 23 of 71 Kenneth Tan and Jaslyn Rangson
Photo 24 of 71 Melissa Lam and Jady Teoh
Photo 25 of 71 Andrew Ng and Cherlyn Chong
Photo 26 of 71 Audrey Ooi and Timothy Tiah
Photo 27 of 71 Dion Tan and Li Sheen Mah
Photo 28 of 71 Kar Wai, Kara Kwok and Wai Sin
Photo 29 of 71 Lina Soong and Joevy Beh
Photo 30 of 71 Kim Heon, Melissa Chang and Valerie Teoh
Photo 31 of 71 Arvind Kumar, Derek Wong, Hazirah Izzati and Rex Tan
Photo 32 of 71 Chris Tan presenting the Best Independent Restaurant award to Chef Darren Chin of DC Restaurant, and Florence Fang
Photo 33 of 71 Chris Tan presenting the Best Innovative Chef award to Chef Isadora Chai, and Florence Fang
Photo 34 of 71 Florence Fang presenting the Local Champion award to Datuk Dr Redzuawan Ismail a.k.a Chef Wan
Photo 35 of 71 T. Dining Awardees Chef Isadora Chai for Best Innovative Chef, Chef Wan for Local Champion, Chef Darren Chin for Best Independent Restaurant, and The Tokyo Restaurant's Yusuke Nishioka for Best Value Restaurant
Photo 36 of 71 Eugene Liew and Soey Saw - Best Service (Marini's on 57)
Photo 37 of 71 Natasha Hashim and Asnie Sari at the Lexus LC500 photo spot
Photo 38 of 71 Liuligongfang artpiece exhibits
Photo 39 of 71 Karina Grewal and Kausalya Ida
Photo 40 of 71 Dato' Rosemarie Wee and Chef Olivier Pistre
Photo 41 of 71 Jady Teoh and Brian Choo
Photo 42 of 71 Guests brought home Marvis toothpaste as part of the Ken's Apothecary goodie bag
Photo 43 of 71 Chef Darren Chin arrived via Lexus chauffeur
Photo 44 of 71 Hennessy supplied a free flow of specially crafted cocktails
Photo 45 of 71 Liuligongfang crystal trophies were presented to all 10 awardees
Photo 46 of 71 Satako, Yoshiao and Hima Kimura getting snap happy at the UOB photobooth
Photo 47 of 71 Cold tomato soup with Irish baby oyster & salmon caviar by La Risata
Photo 48 of 71 Zaiful Ibrahim and Melissa Sim
Photo 49 of 71 The two Hennessy cocktails of the night: Hennessy Mule and Hennessy Highball, made by Hannessy VSOP
Photo 50 of 71 Delectable burgers by The Daily Grind were a crowd favourite
Photo 51 of 71 Molecular fried eggs by Lafite were an instant hit
Photo 52 of 71 A very busy Hennessy XO cocktail bar
Photo 53 of 71 Tatler Legacy Awardee (Hotel) went to Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur, accepted by Dato' Rosemarie Wee and Chef Olivier Pistre
Photo 54 of 71 Carmen and Carmey Chua
Photo 55 of 71 Joon Ong and Tiffany Kwong
Photo 56 of 71 Ili Sulaiman and Avinesh Kutty
Photo 57 of 71 Gavin Li Kawing and Yen Yen Goh
Photo 58 of 71 Rachel Thong
Photo 59 of 71 Rebekah Yeoh and Rachel Ward
Photo 60 of 71 Yap Po Leen and Yap Ai Leen
Photo 61 of 71 Charles Devan and Lingesh Dimitrus Joseph
Photo 62 of 71 Kal Joffres and Yasmeen Zainal
Photo 63 of 71 Florence Fang, Lim May Shen and Lydia Goh
Photo 64 of 71 A fleet of Lexus cars chauffeured the T. Dining Awardees for the evening
Photo 65 of 71 Performers heralding the start of the T. Dining Awards evening
Photo 66 of 71 The thrilled group of winners huddle for a group photo
Photo 67 of 71 Performers for the opening gambit played a musical number using kitchen utensils
Photo 68 of 71 Performers for the opening gambit played a musical number using kitchen utensils
Photo 69 of 71 Carmen Leong, Kong Wai Kee, Joanna Thien, Shasha Chan and Fanny Foo
Photo 70 of 71 Wong Jiewei, Fazrul Zakaria, Sean Yeo, Chris Tan, Amaresh Dev and Lauw Yew Meng
Photo 71 of 71 Lesley Fong and Datin Nalina Kumar
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