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Causeway Bay
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Mon – Sun 11:30-23:30

Experience the breadth of Vietnamese cuisine at An Nam in a relaxed, modern setting

Tatler Says

Tucked away in Lee Gardens is An Nam, a solid Vietnamese eatery that has remained consistent throughout the years with its attentive service and food offerings. The menu features an array of regional delicacies, which include all the traditional dishes you’d expect. The Hue-style steamed rice flan is delicate and satisfying, and topped with minced shrimp, croutons and spring onions that offer contrasting textures, while the lotus root salad is punchy with a lime dressing. The king prawns are flavoursome, served with a rich mixture of fish sauce and coconut juice. An Nam’s combo rice noodle soup gives diners a taste of all its beef offerings—sliced beef, beef ball, brisket and tendon—served in a superior beef broth with noodles that are sufficiently al dente. There’s a decent selection of wines on the menu, although you may opt for some Vietnamese beers to complement your meal.

What to order

  • The steamed rice flan in Hue style is delicate and balanced, topped with minced shrimp, croutons and spring onions for contrasting textures.
  • Add a zing to your meal with the lotus root salad, served with banana flower, shrimp, pork belly and basil in a lime dressing.
  • For all things beef, the An Nam signature combo rice noodle soup packs in a punch with thinly sliced beef, beef ball, beef brisket, and beef tendon in superior beef broth.

Tatler Tip

After looking at the menu, you’ll realise that there are many things worth trying -- so bring a group of friends.